Chapter 897 Target: Road of Emperor

Chapter 897 – Target: Road of Emperor

The Sky Spill Continent was far too broad. No matter how thorough and far reaching the Ancient Devil’s methods were, there was simply no way to search every nook and cranny of the Sky Spill Continent, not to mention that Lin Ming had gone deep into seclusion in the middle of a desolate mountain hill.

The capture order for Lin Ming continued, even until a year later.

Bang bang bang!

In a remote and desolate mountain range over a million miles away from the four Divine Kingdoms, a barren hill suddenly trembled as if an earthquake was passing through. After several breaths of time, this hill suddenly exploded in a shower of stones, lightning violently surging into the skies!

A youth dressed in white with long black hair rushed out from the ruins of the hill!

The youth’s eyes were sharp and swift. He looked to be around 19 or 20 years old. This youth was Lin Ming.

For the last year, Lin Ming had gone into arduous closed door seclusion. Although his cultivation didn’t grow by much, his foundation had become much more solid and his fervid true essence had calmed down, becoming more solid and substantial. Even the minor flaws that had accompanied Lin Ming’s rapid rise in cultivation had been eliminated.

Lin Ming’s understandings of the Concepts of Space, Time, and Thunder had gone a step further. His comprehensions in the Thunder Concepts had grown by the greatest degree.

Of the 12 thunder Dao fruits, Lin Ming had completely eaten one of them, and had also perceived the Thunder Laws traces on that Dao fruit, thoroughly comprehending those mysteries.

“After closing up for one year, my cultivation has been stranded at the peak of third stage Life Destruction but my strength has risen even more. Now, if I were to face that Elder Sun then I would definitely be able to instantly kill him!”

Lin Ming really wanted to find and kill that person to use their blood essence to open the Magic Cube once more. However, he suppressed this idea.

“If I go to the Holy Demon Continent now, I should be able to kill the master of the Blood Slaughter Steppes!”

Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. Without using the Godspeed Boat, he launched forwards at extreme speed, rushing out like a rapid hurricane!

The 12 thunder escape symbols whistled within Lin Ming’s body, violently shaking. Combined with the Gate of Wonder and Golden Roc Shattering the Void, Lin Ming’s speed had reached a nearly incomprehensible degree. His body dashed through the air like a falling meteor, his speed savagely tearing the air around him and creating a horrifying sonic boom. From afar, the sound of his travel was like a billowing thunderclap.

The forests underneath Lin Ming were pressed down by the terrifying wind pressure, causing massive amounts of trees to snap off and all the vicious beasts to flee in panic!

“What amazing speed, it feels like I’m filled with power. I really want to find someone to fight right now!”

A month later, Lin Ming finally rendezvoused with Demonshine at the Demon God Imperial Palace dimensional realm. This was only a wisp of Demonshine’s soul. Demonshine’s main soul was still residing within the Giant Leviathan where he was managing the beast. In this past year, the Giant Leviathan had traveled countless miles through the sea. At this rate, it might even reach the Holy Demon Continent sometime soon.

In the deep seas, the water depth reached over a hundred million miles. Here, there was plenty of food for the Giant Leviathan. After devouring some sea beasts, it had even become more powerful.

“Is everything alright?” Lin Ming asked. One of the main reasons he called Demonshine over here was because it would be much easier to transmit messages.

“Mm, it’s going very well. Heh, when this Saint does things, you can rest assured, kukukuhahaha!” Demonshine grinned. After adventuring with Lin Ming in the past, he had gathered up a great deal of aggravations and grudges. Because his strength was momentarily weakened, he had no choice but to be cautious at all times, lest he alarm the master of the Blood Slaughter Steppes. Before Lin Ming entered the Road of Emperor, he even had to act as a servant for half a year. Although it was only Lin Ming that was pretending to be confused, the arrogant and bossy Demonshine found it difficult to endure such an insult.

This time he definitely had to give vent to all of these gathered grudges!

“This time entering the Road of Emperor we will fucking roll our way in! Let’s see just who dares to stop us!”

The Blood Slaughter Steppes was controlled by the Giant Demons, Goliaths, and Imps. This was all in order to ensure the continued interests of the Steppes Master. twelve-winged Heavenly Demons were strictly forbidden from developing, and humans weren’t even allowed to become High Lords. Once a human martial artist became an eight-winged Heavenly Demon, they would face all sorts of troubles and resistance. As for entering the Road of Emperor, that was even greater wishful thinking!

When Lin Ming was at Polaris Tower, if it hadn’t been for Demonshine’s help then he would have been turned into a slave, much less thinking about entering the Road of Emperor.

“Indeed. This time we will fight our way in. Those who block our path will die!” Lin Ming’s heart surged with a sense of heroic pride and valor!

Prior to now, although Lin Ming’s strength had rapidly grown, whether he was at the Sky Spill Continent or the Holy Demon Continent, he still had to be careful as if he were walking on ice. Because his strength was not at the highest levels, he inevitably was subject to the control and commands of others.

But now, he had the strength of a true Emperor level powerhouse! Within the Sky Spill Continent and Holy Demon Continent, his strength could be considered at the highest levels.

Even though he still couldn’t defeat Whitedemon and Yang Yun, by relying on his strange and extraordinary speed, he would still be able to successfully escape.

It could be said that within this entire planet, it was difficult for anyone to be a threat to Lin Ming!

After entering the broken dimensional realm, Lin Ming activated the ultra-long range transmission array. In the next moment he had vanished into a vast and boundless white light…


Holy Demon Continent, Blood Slaughter Steppes –

The Blood Slaughter Steppes had a 100,000 year history. This was the killing paradise of the Holy Demon Continent. Not only was there strong and pure infernal energy here, there were also no rules. As long as one had strength, they could freely kill whoever they wished.

But, this land was also cursed. Because of this mystical curse, any high stage Life Destruction, high star Demon King, or anyone else above that strength would fall under that curse once they entered the Blood Slaughter Steppes, finally perishing. Over many years, numerous Demon Emperors had fallen within the Blood Slaughter Steppes. Of just the famous and recorded Demon Emperors, there were more than 10.

All Demon Emperors that stepped foot into the Blood Slaughter Steppes would die; this was nearly an ironclad rule that could not be broken. However, there was an exception, and that was anyone that had managed to become a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon and obtain the Death God martial intent.

This sort of character could simply ignore the curse of the Blood Slaughter Steppes and would even have the ability to threaten the rule of the Blood Slaughter Steppes. The most representative person of these characters was the Eightfall War Emperor. The Eightfall War Emperor had caused the Steppes Master to have many restless nights where he found it difficult to even eat. This was because the Eightfall War Emperor was simply far too strong. Even in the Holy Demon Continent that was larger and had far more masters than the Sky Spill Continent, the Eightfall War Emperor had a strength that approached invincibility.

Of course, besides the Eightfall War Emperor, there was also another human that had managed to become a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon.

That was Lin Ming.

At this time, within the center of a blood red temple in the Blood Slaughter Steppes, an armored Giant Demon was regally sitting on top of a throne, a metal wine cup in his hands as he slowly took sips from it. This wine cup was filled with a thick, bright red liquid. This was human blood.

The Giant Demon was the Steppes Master, also known as High Lord Divine Demon. He had a blood feud with Lin Ming over the death of his child.

Ho - !

A flame lit up in the dark grand hall. This was the light of a sound transmitting talisman.

The Steppes Master grasped the sound transmitting talisman. After hearing the message inside, he frowned. For all these years, the Blood Slaughter Steppes had been hunting Lin Ming, but this hunt had so far produced nothing. Even now it was the same.

“Five years. That youth called Lin Ming seemed as if he came from nothing and then vanished into nothing. I used every single connection I had and still couldn’t figure out just where he came from or what his background is!”

The Steppes Master’s eyes flashed with a cold killing intent as he crushed the metal wine cup in his hands. Bright red blood splashed onto the floor. Even if Lin Ming hadn’t killed his son, that still wouldn’t be the reason he wanted to kill Lin Ming. The reason he wanted to kill Lin Ming was because Lin Ming had become a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon and had thus gained the ability to freely enter the Blood Slaughter Steppes.

The Steppes Master did not wish to see the appearance of another Eightfall War Emperor.

He had to stifle this threat before it grew, even if he had to offend a Holy Land in doing so. After all, as long as a martial artist wasn’t a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon, not even an unrivalled Emperor would be able to step into the Blood Slaughter Steppes. So even if a Holy Land was offended by him, what would they even be able to do to him?

“This Lin Ming is a heaven-gifted eternally rare talent. In these last five years, he must have reached at least the late Revolving Core realm, or perhaps he has even stepped into the first stage of Life Destruction. Moreover, because of his unbelievable talent, his strength should far surpass that of other martial artists at his level. It’s likely he’ll have strength equal to a fifth stage Life Destruction human martial artist. After another 20-30 years pass, he will have combat strength equal to a human Emperor level powerhouse. I don’t have much time left to stop him.”

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