Chapter 893 – Narrow Escape

Chapter 893 – Narrow Escape

Lin Ming rapidly fled past the dimensional realms. Because his speed was too fast, a strong heavenly wind violently blew into him, causing sparks to fly off his bodily protective true essence.

Burning the Ancient Phoenix blood greatly exhausted Lin Ming’s true essence, leaving him with no choice but to use pills to supplement it. He had already collected many types of pills and medicines that could restore his strength. These were all high grade goods. High grade true essence restoring pills were relatively pure. But eating too many of them could lead to the energy mixing up and becoming impure, which would lead to a drop in his combat strength.

He flew past many worlds in a single breath, his mind constantly constructing and deducing a map of space in his mind. By relying on his understandings of the Concept of Space, Lin Ming was finally able to find the exit from the Temple of Marvels!

“It’s here! I’ve finally escaped!”

Lin Ming summoned his true essence and rushed out from the Temple of Marvels. As he saw the dark and gloomy 8000 Mile Black Swamp before him, he was overjoyed like someone that had just survived the apocalypse. This adventure into the Temple of Marvels had been filled with dangers!

“I have to leave here immediately. That sharp-eared strange demon youth isn’t that much different from the Ancient Devil...

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