Chapter 892 Bringing About One’s Own Destruction

Chapter 892 – Bringing About One’s Own Destruction

“Die for me!”

As the Ancient Devil rushed into Lin Ming’s body, it manifested into a fierce avatar. Its entire body was covered with spines like an ancient vicious beast. It rushed towards Lin Ming’s spiritual sea with an unimaginable speed!

In the world with this, every step this ancient vicious beast took shook the world. Such a terrible momentum made one feel small and powerless.

“It really is a silver battle spirit of a higher rank than my own!” Lin Ming sucked in a deep breath, his pupils shrinking. He tightly grasped his spiritual sea, waiting for this oncoming storm. This was the final battle he had been waiting for, the struggle to seize his body!

“Boy, go die!”

The Ancient Devil suddenly launched into the air, making a life or death attack. This momentum had gathered for such a long time that in this world of will, this attack was able to sunder mountains and split seas!

However, just as that Ancient Devil sprung into the air, it actually felt a massive suction force pulling on its body. This traction was endless, mysterious and colossal, as if it were an unmatched force that would brook no resistance!

Compared to this terrifying aura, the Ancient Devil was nothing but a little ant in front of a dragon, lacking all ability to revolt!


The Ancient Devil was shocked. It swiveled its head to see that behind it was a titanic black vortex. This vortex covered the entire world of will, seeming as if there were a door behind it that led to all the mysteries of the Great Dao!

The black vortex swirled at an extremely slow speed. However, as it spun around, it seemed as if it were able to crush apart all Laws and principles. In front of this black vortex, all power was meaningless, as if one were facing the boundless universe itself.

“This… this is…”

The Ancient Devil’s eyes widened in shock. Before it even had time to think, its body that had just jumped up was like a leaf in a storm, uncontrollably flying towards the black vortex.


The Ancient Devil roared out with panic and horror as it desperately tried to rid itself from the shackles of the suction force. But, using his body to withstand the power that seemed to encompass the entire universe couldn’t even be considered as a breath of wind against a massive tree!

“Ahhh, break for me!”

The Ancient Devil’s eyes turned blood red as it split its soul form in half. One half suddenly accelerated towards the black vortex, but the other half tried to desperately flee by using the knockback from the explosion. At this moment it could only endure discarding part of its soul to preserve the rest of it. This was his divine soul. One he lost even just a part of it he would never be able to restore it.

The soul-tearing pain caused the Ancient Devil to go crazy with pain. But what was even more maddening was that even with the support of rupturing its own soul, it still couldn’t escape the suction of this black vortex. Not only did that black vortex swallow his soul, but it also swallowed all will and space, blocking off every avenue of escape.


The Ancient Devil emitted a cry of unwilling rage. Finally, its body was slowly swallowed up into that black vortex, like a tiny wisp of smoke despairing into the endless sea, not even worth mentioning. After swallowing this soul, the black vortex still slowly revolved at its own pace as if nothing had happened at all…

From beginning to end, Lin Ming, who had been stubbornly defending his spiritual sea, hadn’t been moved in the least. He had planned to fight until the bitter end and had even psychologically prepared himself to suicide into that Ancient Devil, but now he merely stood there, stunned.

He stared blankly on as that Ancient Devil roared like a rabid dog as it rushed over to him. Then, he also witnessed the crazy scene of it being sucked into that black vortex without even the slightest bit of a chance.

That black vortex was the Magic Cube.

Lin Ming gulped. As he looked at the Magic Cube black vortex in the world of will, he was simply speechless.

He felt as if all of this had been a dream. The Magic Cube seemed as if it contained the Source Laws of the Great Dao. However, he was unable to delve into its secrets with his current boundary.

Such a thing had actually stayed in his body?

Lin Ming remembered when the Saintess of the Verdant Feather Holy Land had activated the supernatural powers of the Magic Cube, causing the 10,000 Divine Realm Supreme Elders to disintegrate and sucking all of their souls into the Magic Cube!

Those Divine Realm Supreme Elders were not random weaklings and minions. They had been powerhouses from all over the universe that Tian Mingzi had recruited. The Demon Emperor was one of them. Although the Demon Emperor couldn’t be considered as a heaven-defying character in the Divine Realm, he was still an outstanding elite of his era. Even if he couldn’t compare with a top level character like Fairy Feng, he shouldn’t have been too far off.

Moreover, the Demon Emperor wasn’t even the strongest of the group. And those stronger powerhouses had still been swallowed up by the Magic Cube, all of their souls cleanly devoured without anything remaining.

Although Lin Ming didn’t know what boundary this devil that wanted to seize his body had reached, no matter how amazing it was, it still shouldn’t have reached the level of the Demon Emperor. Even that assumption was already grossly overestimating it.

As all of these thoughts rapidly cut through Lin Ming’s mind, he suddenly awoke to consciousness again. At this time, he had to break through the cage of darkness as quickly as he could!



Outside in the real world, the possessed Yang Yun issued a miserable scream. Two-thirds of the Ancient Devil’s soul had been lost in Lin Ming’s body without even a speck remaining!

Moreover, after its soul had been swallowed up by that mysterious black vortex, its spirit mark had immediately been erased, becoming nothing but pure memories. At that moment when its spirit mark had been erased, the excruciating pain had caused the Ancient Devil to go mad!

And at this time, Lin Ming suddenly opened his eyes within the cage of darkness.

After the cage of darkness lost the control from the Ancient Devil, it became incomparably fragile. Lin Ming roared, bringing up the Great Desolate Blood Halberd as he planned to rip apart this cage of darkness!

Ka ka ka!

The condensed darkness that had manifested into substance began cracking like a shattered mirror. Lin Ming was like a beast as he flushed outside!

He slammed his teeth against the tip of his tongue without hesitation, instantly spitting out his life’s blood essence. In this life or death crisis, he naturally couldn’t be cheap about spending his blood essence. After all, his life source and blood vitality were vivid and potent and he also had a massive amount of heavenly materials on him. He could restore this lost blood essence at a later date. But if he lost his life, then everything he had would be lost.

Nine Heavens Divine Thunder!

Burning Star Flame!

Eight Inner Hidden Gates!

Heretical God Force!

Light began to flash between Lin Ming’s eyebrows as he burned the last of the Ancient Phoenix blood within him. He roared out and with over 100% of his strength, the power of thunderfire twisted together on the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, erupting in a violent explosion.

Penetrating Rainbow!

The Great Desolate Blood Halberd’s halberd light crossed through 10 miles of the void. A blinding light lit up the dimensional realm for thousands of miles, fiery and radiant!

And at this time, the Ancient Devil that controlled Yang Yun’s body was in a spasmodic state. Even though Yang Yun’s cultivation was at the early Divine Sea and he had also crossed eight stages of Life Destruction, he still wasn’t able to resist this. It was impossible to rely on just his mortal body to resist the Great Desolate Blood Halberd that was being wielded with two million jins of strength!

The body of an essence gathering martial artist was extremely frail!

At this crucial moment, Yang Yun’s own divine soul shot out from his spiritual sea as he tried to forcibly take control over his body. But at this time, because two-thirds of the Ancient Devil’s soul had been torn away and the soul mark also erased by the Magic Cube, it had simply lost all control and rationale. In this state, Yang Yun’s soul was still inferior to the great power of the Ancient Devil; it would be difficult to wrest control of his body quickly!


Yang Yun crazily shouted out. As he saw Lin Ming’s Great Desolate Blood Halberd falling down on him, he desperately and decisively burnt a part of his soul source, forcibly taking control over most of his body and recalling half of his energy.

There was no time to take a weapon out from his spatial ring. Yang Yun’s claw smashed against Lin Ming’s Great Desolate Blood Halberd!

Yang Yun was not the same as the Ancient Devil. The Ancient Devil had used its claws originally and with its powerful energy it could contend with the Great Desolate Blood Halberd. But as for Yang Yun, he leaned towards using the sword. Although he had studied some claw techniques from the Ancient Devil, in a condition where he had to hastily resort to this claw attack and where he only had control of half his body, how could he possibly resist Lin Ming’s strike?


Yang Yun exploded with a roar as his entire right arm burst apart. He vomited a great mouthful of blood as his body was sent flying backwards like a broken sack!

He had lost his hand in a single exchange!

Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with a sharp light. At this time, his eyes were already red with killing rage. Now that his attack had succeeded, how could he possibly stop!? His feet trod upon Golden Roc Shattering the Void as he flashed in front of Yang Yun, his halberd falling once again!

Law of Annihilation, Chain of Stars!


The space around Lin Ming shattered, turning into countless space fragments that swept towards Yang Yun like a cloud!

Yang Yun’s right hand was a stump of meat and bone that had been burst apart, with blood pouring out. As he saw Lin Ming’s halberd cut down at him, he finally let out a long laugh. “Good! Very good! Lin Lanjian, you truly have the destiny of an unrivalled Emperor! Even now you haven’t died! Then, let me meet your halberd!”

Yang Yun used his left hand to extract a sword. The sword howled forth, slanting as it slashed against the halberd light!


A violent explosion caused the world to pale and mountains to collapse. Yang Yun and Lin Ming both flew backwards. Yang Yun was covered with layers of wounds, but Lin Ming’s blood vitality was also tumbling within him, making it hard for him to sustain himself. The combustion of the Ancient Phoenix Blood had reached its end as well as the blood essence he burned. Although he had the Gate of Healing to restore his strength, he still couldn’t withstand such consumption of energy.

But Yang Yun was in an even worse condition than Lin Ming. Not only had been seriously wounded by the previous attack, but the Ancient Devil in his mind was maniacally rampaging about, making it impossible to fully control his body.

“Yang Yun, I will remember this!”

As Lin Ming spoke this, he turned around and fled at full speed. Most of his strength had been spent. Although Yang Yun was in an extremely poor state, once that Ancient Demon recovered its consciousness, Lin Ming would die if he stayed. The Ancient Devil knew that he had a mystic object within his body that could devour souls. It wouldn’t walk into that trap again and try to do something as stupid as seizing his body.

If they fought, Lin Ming would most assuredly be the one to die.

Moreover, Lin Ming had no idea where that strange demon youth was. If that demon youth suddenly appeared then Lin Ming would have no ability to resist!

Although he very much wanted to take this chance to kill Yang Yun, Lin Ming had no choice but to suppress this unrealistic and fanciful thought, instead turning around to escape!

With the speed at which his strength grew, he simply didn’t need to take such a risk. It was better to escape this Temple of Marvels and then rely on the lucky chances he had found here, find a secure location, and then cross another two or three stages of Life Destruction, keeping hidden from the world for three years!

At that time, once he emerged from his seclusion he could laugh at the entire world with arrogant disdain!

After opening the Gate of Wonder, Lin Ming was like a meteor as he shot into the distant horizon. As for Yang Yun, with his severe wounds and also not being in full control of his body, it was impossible for him to give chase.

“Failure at the end!” Yang Yun grit his teeth as he saw Lin Ming vanish.

Yang Yun looked in at the Ancient Devil in his spiritual sea that was crazily struggling. It had only one-third of its strength left. Yang Yun suddenly gave birth to the thought of swallowing it up instead, but after a moment’s hesitation he put down that thought.

First, he didn’t have full assurance he could do so, and secondly, facing this archenemy Lin Ming, he needed a helper.

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