Chapter 890 Ancient Devil

Chapter 890 – Ancient Devil

In order for the royal families of the four Divine Kingdoms to maintain their thriving bloodlines, they also had to have a massive number of talents and a correspondingly massive amount of heirs. Even if their bloodline was amazing, they would need a large base of talents to screen out the most extraordinary amongst them.

And humanity’s ability to multiply was extremely terrifying. The four Divine Kingdoms had a history of over 10,000 years and the number of royal family juniors had grown by a near exponential rate. In every generation, the most astounding talents of the bloodline would be screened out. All martial artists with ordinary talent would be eliminated, becoming nothing more than sacrifices for the rest.

Although Lin Ming was already aware of these matters and also deeply understood just how brutal the battles behind a harem could be, he was still secretly shocked upon hearing Yang Yun’s words.

“Yang Yun, I can imagine and empathize with just how tragic your childhood was, because I too was unhappy in my youth. But do you really plan on retaliating against the world just because of this?”

“Retaliate against this world?” Yang Yun chuckled, “Why would I retaliate against this world? Not only will I not do that, but I will instead usher in a new golden era! I wish to establish my own legacy of glory and have my name etched eternally into the annals of history! You have probably heard this before, but the Sky Spill Continent is on a cursed world that has been sealed. I will break the curse over the Sky Spill Continent and restore it to its previous majesty from 100,000 years ago!”

As Yang Yun said this, his eyes flashed with a trace of demented madness. Lin Ming was taken aback. He never imagined that this would be Yang Yun’s goal. Those with a dream, and the perseverance, intelligence, and ability to accomplish them were the most terrifying opponents. They had no weakness nor would they be confused; they had a clear and defined purpose that they would chase to the ends of the world.

“If that’s true then why do you want to kill me? It doesn’t seem as if I conflict with your dream.”

“That’s right, you indeed do not conflict with my plans. In fact, I do not envy your strength. Only when more and more peerless talents arise can they complete my dream of ushering in a new golden age! But before then, I will actually need your body. There is an ancient soul within me that wishes to possess you. You are simply too extraordinary. Dual body and essence cultivation, your body has a 100% tempered spirit body as well as abnormal strength. It is the most suitable body for this spirit. I had originally wanted to take you in as my subordinate and train you until you grew further, but unfortunately… you did not agree. Now, you have grown far too quickly. I have no choice but to begin my plan ahead of time, otherwise I will lose the ability to control you in the future.”

As Yang Yun spoke to here, the space behind him twisted and the phantom of a titanic devil began to slowly spear. It blocked out the skies, releasing an old and deep laugh that echoed through the world.

Lin Ming narrowed his eyes and watched all that was happening behind Yang Yun. He finally understood that there was an ancient soul in Yang Yun’s body, and what Yang Yun meant by selling everything he had was the deal he made with this ancient soul. The reason that Yang Yun was able to obtain such strength was all because of this ancient soul!

A soul that had survived for 100,000 years… could it be an existence from the Sea of Miracles?

Lin Ming’s mind rapidly raced. But at this time, the normally placid and genteel Yang Yun’s eyes turned blood red. He roared out like a savage beast as his white robes tore off from his body, his face becoming disgustingly ferocious!

It was obvious that Yang Yun had already become one with the ancient devil in his body. With Yang Yun’s strength combined with that devil body, his combat strength had reached a point that Lin Ming could not imagine!

“Mortal! To become my body will be your honor!”


Yang Yun’s speed reached an incredulous degree. He turned into a blur. Although it seemed that he was still standing in place, his claws had already caught up to Lin Ming!

Lin Ming’s pupils contracted. He stepped on Golden Roc Shattering the Void and drew backwards. Facing such a powerful enemy, it was simply impossible to frontally contend with him. His only choice was to run away! He had to take advantage of his understanding into the Concept of Space as well as his abnormal speed to run as far as he could.


A single step took him over a dozen miles away. Lin Ming opened the Gate of Wonder, reaching the pinnacle of speed.

However, just as he emerged from the distorted space, he actually felt a maddening killing intent enveloping him from behind. As he looked back he was shocked to see that Yang Yun was close behind, his icy claws reaching for him again!

This speed that crossed over a dozen miles in just a split second didn’t require any understandings of Concepts or Laws at all – it was simply brute strength. For Yang Yun to be able to follow Lin Ming like this after he had opened the Gate of Wonder and used Golden Roc Shattering the Void, such speed was horrifying!

Ho - !

Seeing that it was impossible to dodge this claw strike, Lin Ming erupted in a loud bellow and opened the Gate of Pain. The Heretical God Force was revolved to the limit as two million jins of strength erupted from his body. The power of thunder and fire howled out as the Great Desolate Blood Halberd pounded downwards!


The Great Desolate Blood Halberd violently clashed with Yang Yun’s claw phantom. Lin Ming felt a savage force wash through his body as he was sent flying backwards like a broken leaf in a storm. He was unable to control his body as the crazy and rampant energy blew him around. His blood vitality tumbled in his body as many of his organs began to break apart!

No matter how formidable his body was, he was simply unable to withstand Yang Yun’s terrifying energy attack!

“Give me your body!!!”

Yang Yun grasped out with his claw. Lin Ming bit down on the tip of his tongue and the flame mark between his eyebrows ignited with a blazing bloody light. The phantom of a phoenix appeared behind Lin Ming as he burned all 100 drops of the Ancient Phoenix blood within his body!

Hoo - !

The phoenix’s cry pierced through the world. At that moment it was like a fiery sun had been born within Lin Ming. As Yang Yun’s demon claw approached, it seemed to be lit up by the sun, sending out ‘chi chi chi’ sounds as it was melted away by the phoenix’s flames!

That brief delay bought Lin Ming valuable time. He brought the Great Desolate Blood Halberd forth, the power of fire and thunder twisting together on the halberd edge!

“Penetrating Rainbow!”

Lin Ming roared out as the Heretical God Sprout’s Burning Star Flame and Nine Heavens Divine Thunder were released without reservation, a potent and violent explosion blowing up!


The demon claw shattered apart even as Yang Yun’s lips curved up in a hideous grin. Lin Ming was far from being Yang Yun’s opponent. However, the Ancient Devil in his body was only a soul form; as long as a soul didn’t have a true body, it would fear thunder. When ancient monsters had to cross heavenly tribulation in their cultivations, their divine souls would find this pass difficult to cross. In a thunderstorm, a single thunderclap would send infinite ghosts scattered out, none of them daring to appear. This was because they feared the thunder.

Moreover, Lin Ming’s attack contained no ordinary thunder, but the top grade heaven-step Nine Heavens Divine Thunder!

Not just that, but the Ancient Devil in Yang Yun’s body was a yin energy form, but the blazing phoenix produced from burning the Ancient Phoenix blood was actually the yang energy-filled Nine Yang Flames. It was the nemesis of all yin energy!

With both of these forces combined, the demon claw sent out by Yang Yun was forcefully broken apart!

“Nine Heavens Divine Thunder, Burning Star Flame, and you even have the Ancient Phoenix Saint Body! That is the most powerful physique from the Sky Spill Continent of 100,000 years ago that was able to stand on par with the Electric Violet Kirin Saint Body! If I can obtain your pure yang body then that will be the greatest nourishment to restore my deteriorating soul. You are truly the greatest possible gift that the heavens could bless me with!”

‘Yang Yun’ cackled with strange ‘jejejeje’ sounds. Although he was restrained in terms of attributes, he had injured Lin Ming without being touched at all. The difference in strength was simply too great! Yang Yun’s strength already approached Old Man Good Fortune’s, and now with the Ancient Devil possessing him, he was no weaker than a top level character like the Eightfall Thunder Emperor. In other words, he was on the same level as the highest under the heavens!

“Resistance is futile. Join me, assimilate with me, become one with me, turn into the foundation to bring forth an eternal golden age!” Yang Yun had already fallen into depravity. After being possessed by the Ancient Devil, he had lost all rationality!

Lin Ming didn’t run. After witnessing Yang Yun’s terrifying speed, he was now well aware that running was useless. Instead, it would only weaken his own momentum. Although the gap between them was insurmountable, he wouldn’t sit idly by and be captured. He did not give up hope or his will. Since this Ancient Devil wished to seize his body then there was no way it could avoid a battle of soul and will. In terms of combat strength, Lin Ming was not a match, but if this Ancient Devil tried to possess his body then he had a faint chance of survival!

With such a thread of hope hanging in front of him, how could he give up!?

After having burnt the blood of the Ancient Phoenix, Lin Ming’s strength had reached the peak. But, this was unable to continue forever. With his current strength, he was only able to burn all of the Ancient Phoenix blood for a brief moment before it faded away. During this time, he had to use his highest combat strength and wound that ancient soul so that it would give him that much greater a chance of survival.

“Thunder Battleform!”


The power of thunder in the entire world stirred up, completely gathering towards Lin Ming. This energy attached to his body, forming a purple scaled war armor. He was mighty and majestic like a god of thunder born unto the world!

This was a technique created by the Eightfall Thunder Emperor. It was able to greatly enhance one’s defensive power and combat strength. Now that Lin Ming had stepped into the second stage of Life Destruction and also opened the Gate of Pain, his Thunder Battleform had risen to a new level. Although he wasn’t yet able to reach the world-domineering might of the Eightfall Thunder Emperor, he was still able to show off some of its true valor.

“Hehe, it’s true that I am only a soul form, but do you think that with your little power of thunder you can actually harm me? And do you think that if you injure me, you can rely on your silver battle spirit to contend with me when I possess your body, and even swallow me in return? Haha… dream on boy, I have lived a life thousands of times longer than your own. How could I not see through every single thought you have? Any resistance you put up will be meaningless. You are destined to become my body!”

Yang Yun faced the skies and wildly laughed. At this time there wasn’t any hint of Yang Yun left; he had devolved into an avatar of that cruel Ancient Devil.

Lin Ming was a man of determination and a hardened will. Even so, his heart sank as he heard the Ancient Devil’s words, a feeling of despair beginning to gush up from within him. That was right… when he fought Situ Yaoyue, he had to put out every single hidden card he had and had displayed the limit of his strength; his opponent was keenly aware of every possible move he could make. Moreover, he was up against an old monster of ancient times who had been plotting and planning all for today. It was even possible that the appearance of the Temple of Marvels was all a part of its plans, so how could it not be prepared for anything Lin Ming could try?

This feeling of anguish and despair grew within him like a weed, spreading through Lin Ming’s entire body like a fast acting disease. His fighting spirit immediately plummeted. It was as if he knew all resistance was useless.

Perhaps it was better to just let himself be captured and possessed.

This gloomy and disheartening feeling that made Lin Ming want to give up and wait for his doom left him startled.

This was… demonic charm!!

This was to use an invisible soul force and confuse and poison the mind of an opponent, causing them to lose all strength to resist. Even though Lin Ming had comprehended a silver battle spirit, he had still almost fallen for this move. This devil, whether it was combat experience or trickery, everything it did far surpassed Lin Ming’s imagination.

Lin Ming fiercely bit down on his tongue, using the pain to shake himself from the shadow of this demonic charm. But at this moment, Yang Yun had already made his move.

How could he possibly miss such an opportunity!?

The demon claw grasped out, covering the world!

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