Chapter 890 – Ancient Devil

Chapter 890 – Ancient Devil

In order for the royal families of the four Divine Kingdoms to maintain their thriving bloodlines, they also had to have a massive number of talents and a correspondingly massive amount of heirs. Even if their bloodline was amazing, they would need a large base of talents to screen out the most extraordinary amongst them.

And humanity’s ability to multiply was extremely terrifying. The four Divine Kingdoms had a history of over 10,000 years and the number of royal family juniors had grown by a near exponential rate. In every generation, the most astounding talents of the bloodline would be screened out. All martial artists with ordinary talent would be eliminated, becoming nothing more than sacrifices for the rest.

Although Lin Ming was already aware of these matters and also deeply understood just how brutal the battles behind a harem could be, he was still secretly shocked upon hearing Yang Yun’s words.

“Yang Yun, I can imagine and empathize with just how tragic your childhood was, because I too was unhappy in my youth. But do you really plan on retaliating against the world just because of this?”

“Retaliate against this world?” Yang Yun chuckled, “Why would I retaliate against this world? Not only will I not do that, but I will instead usher in a new golden era! I wish to establish...

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