Chapter 889 – Masked Man

Chapter 889 – Masked Man

“It’s this world, I’ve finally returned to this world!” As Lin Ming looked at the dark forest around him, he determined that he had come here once before.

In this Temple of Marvels, every dimensional realm was different. It wasn’t just different scenery, but even the frequency of spatial fluctuations was different.

This type of spatial fluctuation was like a person’s fingerprints. If one was skilled in the Concept of Space, they could rely on this to judge whether or not they had come to this world before.

“Although I’ve found a familiar space here, that doesn’t mean I’ll be able to find the road out.” The Temple of Marvels had a very strange and enigmatic spatial arrangement; it was like a massive maze. With Lin Ming’s understandings towards the Concept of Space, he would slowly have to feel his way out.

As Lin Ming flew, he also began to quietly refine the spatial ring in his hand. This ring had been named by Jiang Ziji, and it was called the Extreme Violet Ring.

The Extreme Violet Ring was already a masterless object; configuring it for his own use wouldn’t be difficult.

“Mm? This ring actually turned into a seal mark.”

Lin Ming discovered that the Extreme Violet Ring suddenly vanished as he put his spirit mark on it. It turned into a little purple tattoo on his finger.

“It seems some quasi-Saint or true Saint...

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