Chapter 888 – Electric Violet Inheritance

Chapter 888 – Electric Violet Inheritance

These divine medicinal plants had all been accumulated for tens of thousands of years. Even though the heaven and earth origin energy in the spatial ring was lacking due to neglect, because of the immense amount of time that had passed, it was more than enough to successfully raise the wonderful treasures!

“120,000 year bodhi immortal vine, 110,000 devil ghost bamboo, 110,000 sacred heaven dragon fruit…”

Lin Ming had a deep understanding of how valuable these heavenly materials were. He felt his heart rapidly racing as he looked at all of them. This was truly a great harvest! It had to be known that even in the Divine Realm, 100,000 year medicinal herbs were still extremely hard to find. This was because they were simply far too time consuming to cultivate. Only those great sects with hundreds of thousands or millions of years of inheritance would raise these types of medicinal herbs so that their descendants could make use of them. This method of passing these legacies down generations again and again was a way of blessing their descendants.

“With these medicinal herbs, I’ll finally have some chances of opening the second half of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates.”

The difficulty of opening the last four of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates was much higher than opening the first four. In particular, the Gate of Life and the Gate of Death. Those were the two hardest gates to open!

In the Divine Realm, there were many lofty and heaven-gifted geniuses of the greatest...

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