Chapter 887 – Electric Violet Kirin Clan

Chapter 887 – Electric Violet Kirin Clan

“T-tracing mark?” As Elder Sun met Lin Ming’s gaze, he felt his entire body turn ice cold. For better or worse, he was still someone that had lived for over a thousand years and had experienced many methods of tracking others, but he had never experienced such a tracing mark before! He could only faintly feel that something was wrong with his body, but as for what exactly Lin Ming had done to him, he had no idea.

“You… do you think your tracing mark can last forever…” Elder Sun said, his forehead wet with sweat. All of Lin Ming’s abilities were far too strange. Since Lin Ming didn’t hide that he had left a tracing mark on him, this was likely extremely difficult to undo!

However, he was still holding out for some possible hope. If a late Divine Sea Supreme Elder that was close to the highest under the heavens was willing to help, then they might be able to undo this tracing mark.

It was like Lin Ming had seen through Elder Sun’s thoughts. He faintly smiled and said, “It looks like your family clan has some decent relations with the Sublime Smelting Divine Kingdom. Are you thinking about asking the Sublime Smelting Imperial Grand Uncle Ouye Hua to undo my tracing mark? Well, you can try.”

Lin Ming sneered. Undoing his battle spirit mark was essentially a struggle between battle spirits....

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