Chapter 886 – Two Years To Take Your Head

Chapter 886 – Two Years To Take Your Head

Ouye Qun’s limp body flew 10 miles back before crashing into the ground, causing a cloud of dust to be stirred up. It was unknown whether or not he was still alive.

As Elder Sun saw this, his heart suddenly skipped a beat. Ouye Qun was an important figure of the Sublime Smelting Divine Kingdom and he had even taken a half-step into the Divine Sea. In just several more years he would have become a Divine Sea Supreme Elder, and moreover, he would be someone that relied on his own momentum to reach the Divine Sea. That was a true Divine Sea powerhouse. If anything happened to Ouye Qun here, he would be the one to take responsibility for it!

Moreover, Lin Ming’s strength had far exceeded his imagination. “How could this be… in just a year, his cultivation only rose by a small boundary, so how could his strength be so great? If this continues then in another one or two years when his cultivation rises by another small boundary, won’t he be able to defeat an ordinary Divine Sea powerhouse?”

Not only was Elder Sun bewildered, but even Yang Mu felt a lingering fear from what he just witnessed. He was glad he didn’t do anything a moment ago, otherwise he would have shared Ouye Qun’s fate.

The rate at which Lin Ming grew was too terrifying. The most difficult period for a genius was the time when they were still growing. It was possible for them to die while they were...

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