Chapter 885 – Unreasonable

Chapter 885 – Unreasonable

At this time, Lin Ming didn’t want to get himself snarled into a mess with anyone else. He quickly received the thunder Dao fruit into his spatial ring as well as putting away the spatial ring that he didn’t have time to look at now. As he was about to leave, several figures flashed and appeared in front of him.

“So it was Little Friend Lin. Why don’t you stay for a moment?”

Lin Ming frowned. He looked and saw that there was a total of four people standing in front of him. This group included the heroic young seventh stage Life Destruction Yang Mu from the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom as well as the half-step Divine Sea Ouye Qun from the Sublime Smelting Divine Kingdom. There was also a young man that Lin Ming didn’t know. Although this youth’s cultivation was only at the sixth stage of Life Destruction, his foundation was exceedingly deep. He was much stronger than Situ Luosha had been.

These were three of the most astounding young elites of the Sky Spill Continent. They were led by a blue-clothed middle-aged person, whose cultivation was impressively at the early Divine Sea!

Lin Ming had a faint impression of this middle-aged man. He came from a Holy Land level family clan that was vassal to the Sublime Smelting Divine Kingdom. Their family clan was surnamed Sun, and this middle-aged Sun fellow was an important figure in his family clan.

Although this Elder Sun’s cultivation...

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