Chapter 884 Saint Artifact Treasure

Chapter 884 – Saint Artifact Treasure

Lin Ming followed a pattern, soon picking down all 12 fruits. The four or five foot wide fruits couldn’t even be held in both his arms.

These thunder Dao fruits were all covered with a purple skin that was etched with lines. Although it was just the skin, one could feel a pure thunder energy coming from them.

Lin Ming dropped down and took out a thunder Dao fruit. He hesitated for a moment and then decided to directly cut this fruit apart here. In this strange and unknown space, it was indeed a bit risky to eat a Dao fruit when he had no idea what the effects would be. But now that he was being chased down by others, he had to take every chance possible to increase his strength, in order to increase his chances of escaping by even the tiniest percentage.

If he cowered from something like this, then he really would be hopeless.

Lin Ming placed the purple fruit on the ground and pried off the stalk with the Great Desolate Blood Halberd. A large piece of skin was ripped off with it, revealing the pale white fruit flesh within. A tempting fragrance wafted into the air, carrying with it the taste of the ages.

Lin Ming was very particular about what part of the thunder Dao fruit he opened it from. The area around the stalk was the only part that didn't have the Law lines engraved onto it, so ripping off this part wouldn’t matter too much. He had to keep the rest of the skin peel intact so that he could meditate on the Concept of Thunder principles contained within. He certainly couldn’t touch that part.

“Smells great. I’ve eaten a good number of heavenly materials in my time, but most of them are extremely painful and cause the entire body to ache and tear. Let alone the taste, this is my first time smelling such a fragrant fruit before.”

Lin Ming didn’t hesitate. He took a dagger and carved out part of the fruit flesh. The fruit flesh was white and translucent, as if it were carved from exquisite jade. As he held a piece in his hands, the sharp and sweet aroma was extremely appealing.

“What a great rich and pure power of thunder. If a non thunder-attribute martial artist were to eat this, their body would blow up from not being able to withstand this energy. Even a thunder-attribute martial artist would perish if their compatibility was lacking. There would be no way they could withstand such a terrible baptism of thunder energy.”

Lin Ming used his perception to investigate the fruit piece and then directly swallowed it up.

As the fruit entered his mouth, it turned into a rich fragrance that spread through all of his inner organs. At the same time, Lin Ming could also feel an incomparably pure power of thunder diffusing throughout his body, rushing into his meridians!

“This is so comfortable!”

This thunder energy that would be fatal to others was actually immeasurably pleasurable to Lin Ming. Not to mention the comfort that spread through his body, even the shaking wounds from his battle with the ghost slaves were instantly healed up!

Lin Ming didn’t stop at just eating one piece. He continued to eat. This four or five feet diameter fruit could feed a family for several days.

However, for a martial artist, since their consumption of energy was great, their appetite was also great. If they didn’t use heaven and earth origin energy to restore themselves and relied on just food, then the amount of food they would have to eat simply couldn’t be calculated.

Lin Ming ate up a third of this fruit in a single go. As the violet juices flowed out from his mouth, Lin Ming didn’t waste this at all. He wiped it up with his fingers and licked them with loud smacking sounds.

“This is delicious!”

Lin Ming burped and actually spat out purple thunder.

Lin Ming felt as if his entire body was filled to the brim with energy, as if he had endless amounts of power within him. Currently, if he were to encounter those several ghost slaves again, Lin Ming was confident he could defeat them all by himself. Moreover, he would also be able to withstand the shaking strength of the Great Desolate Blood Halberd.

“This fruit is so strange. It’s causing the power of thunder within my body to become even deeper, to the point that it’s tempering my body. My cultivation has already reached the peak of the second stage of Life Destruction and I’ve already reached the limit of energy I can contain. If I take another step forwards then that will be the third stage of Life Destruction. I’m confident I will be able to cross the third stage of Life Destruction now, but doing so in this environment is just too dangerous.”

The road of martial arts was like this. As long as one’s foundation was solid enough, then every breakthrough would bring immeasurable progress and strength at astronomical speeds. When Lin Ming first broken through the late Revolving Core realm and into Life Destruction, his foundation had been far too solid. As long as he gathered enough energy, he would be able to cross another stage of Life Destruction. There wasn’t much else he would need to consider. But as for a normal martial artist, their chances of survival, even if they had enough energy, were fraught with dangers and angst. They would have to search for all sorts of precious medicines and materials that would increase their chances of crossing Life Destruction successfully, otherwise they would simply perish in a cloud of ash.

Lin Ming thought for a moment and then dispelled all thoughts of crossing the third stage of Life Destruction here. To do so, he would need to completely disintegrate his body and temper himself in the energy. This was a highly dangerous process that couldn’t tolerate any disturbance. Otherwise, there wouldn’t even be bones left of him!

In this dimensional realm, it was possible that danger could come at any time. And crossing the third stage of Life Destruction would also require several days. It was unlikely he would be able to pass those days in peace and quiet.

As Lin Ming was about to put away the rest of the fruit, his heart suddenly stirred.

“Mm? This is…”

At the bottom of the divine thunder tree, because of the electric energy field that surrounded this area, there had been a great deal of interference towards Lin Ming’s perception. But after eating the thunder Dao fruit, his perception here had increased by a great deal and he discovered that there was something strange at the back of this divine thunder tree.

Lin Ming walked around the divine thunder tree. The truck of this divine tree was thick, nearly circling for half a mile. As Lin Ming reached the other side, he discovered that there was a human skeleton sitting cross-legged within the roots at the base.

This skeleton was translucent and sparkled with light, as if it were carved from the most precious jade. There was a seven colored gem embedded between the eyebrows of the skeleton that sent out gorgeous, dazzling lights. This sort of gem was certainly not used for decoration; it was obviously produced from some type of cultivation method. “I wonder what sort of mystic cultivation method this is that it can produce a divine crystal between the eyes.”

Although Lin Ming wanted to pry off the divine crystal and study it, he didn’t let his greed get the best of him. This skeleton was currently emitting a faint yet powerful aura. Lin Ming knew that this sort of aura was an energy field. Even though the owner of this skeleton had been dead for tens of thousands of years by now, the energy field around him still lingered here, not dispersing. It was hard to imagine just what boundary he had reached before his death.

He had no idea why such an extraordinary figure would be sitting here. Could he have reached the end of his life and was trying to make a final breakthrough? Or had he been sabotaged by others and had died here from fatal wounds?

But no matter what happened, Lin Ming maintained a deep reverence and respect towards such an amazing character. He naturally wouldn’t do something so dastardly as destroying this person’s skeleton.

“He shouldn’t be the Temple Master of the Temple of Marvels.”

Lin Ming discovered that there was a spatial ring and bracer on the left hand of the skeleton. The bracer shined with a faint light. Even after 100,000 years, its magnificent light still hadn’t dimmed.

This was obviously a type of treasure.

Lin Ming deeply bowed to the skeleton and then carefully took the spatial ring and bracer off.

“This bracer is… a Saint artifact!”

After Lin Ming investigated the bracer, he came to this conclusion that left him floored. This was the first time that Lin Ming had seen a bracer-shaped Saint artifact.

All of the Saint artifacts and normal treasures that appeared in the Sky Spill Continent had mostly been weapons or armor. There were very, very few accessory type treasures, and nearly no Saint artifacts of that kind.

“It’s too bad Demonshine isn’t here, otherwise I could ask him about this.”

Lin Ming shook his head and strapped the bracer onto his wrist. He could immediately feel a deep tranquility emerge from deep within his heart, as if his very soul was being gently cleansed. In that instant, Lin Ming’s perception became sharper and his thoughts became much more agile and clear.

As he thought back to some insights about the Time Laws that Old Man Good Fortune had left for him that he hadn’t yet been able to comprehend, he suddenly developed some insights and positive directions in his mind. This caused him to be overjoyed.

“This is a Saint artifact that can enhance soul force! It can even increase perception to an extent!”

He had never heard of a Saint artifact with such an effect in the Sky Spill Continent. He had never even imagined one containing such beneficial effects!

Even in the Divine Realm, Saint artifacts that conferred special effects were relatively scarce. Their value was much higher than that of a normal offensive or defensive type Saint artifact.

Among Saint artifacts, those with the lowest value were offensive Saint artifacts. Defensive Saint artifacts were several times more valuable, and Saint effects with special effects were several times more valuable above that.

But this sort of Saint artifact normally increased defensive or offensive abilities. As for increasing soul force and perception, there were very few of these types of Saint artifacts. If this Supreme Elder that died here could have such a bracer, then his strength before his death surpassed even Lin Ming’s lofty imagination.

The intensity of soul force wasn’t related to perception, but that didn’t mean that was the only relationship between them. Currently, Lin Ming’s perception was considered good, but not at the peak of talent. He could be considered just decent enough.

As for this Saint artifact, although it couldn’t increase perception by too much, it was still extremely precious. The effect that this would have on Lin Ming’s future meditations on the Laws could be imagined!

“Of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates’ last four gates, the Gate of Opening is located at the brain. After opening it, it can also similarly increase my perception. With this bracer on top of that, I’ll have a much better grasp of contemplating Time and Space Laws in the future.”

As Lin Ming thought this, he began to investigate the spatial ring left behind on the skeleton. As he looked through it, he immediately sucked in a deep breath. This ring…

This was a spatial ring?

For an ordinary spatial ring, there was a miniature space locked within it. This space could be called a minor dimension, but the truth was that it was far worse than a true minor dimension.

The space within a spatial ring wasn’t able to hold life. Moreover, it was highly unstable. Depending on the quality of a spatial ring, the space within would collapse after hundreds or thousands of years.

But as for the spatial ring in Lin Ming’s hand, there was actually a true world contained within!

This world had grass, sunlight, rivers and lakes, and even trees… without a doubt, this spatial ring had the ability to contain living beings. This was a complete minor world.

A minor world contained within a spatial ring. Lin Ming couldn’t help but praise such a mighty force that could do this.

“This is the fifth level of the Concept of Space – Spatial Genesis!”

Lin Ming suddenly recalled Old Man Good Fortune’s words. Without mistake, this spatial ring must have been forged by a Supreme Elder with an astoundingly high comprehension in Space Laws. There was a possibility that it was the owner of these bones.

As Lin Ming was about to search the spatial ring some more, at this time his heart suddenly went cold. He turned around to see the shades of several people appearing miles away.

“Ghost slaves!?”

Lin Ming’s first reaction was to think that those chasing after him had finally caught up. But with some shock, he looked closer to see that these figures actually weren’t ghost slaves, but were rather martial artists from the four Divine Kingdoms. They were several of the martial artists that had initially entered the Temple of Marvels ahead of Lin Ming.

To a high stage Life Destruction martial artist and above, their eyesight allowed them to see everything a dozen miles away as if it were happening right in front of them. In other words, they had seen everything that Lin Ming had done just now. This caused Lin Ming to furrow his eyebrows together.

When it rains it pours. He hadn’t solved the problem of the ghost slaves but now another problem had arrived. In this danger-ridden temple, Lin Ming couldn’t afford to waste his time here.

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