Chapter 882 – Divine Tree

Chapter 882 – Divine Tree



The five surviving Asura Ghost Slaves emitted cacophonic cries as they wildly hurtled towards Lin Ming. Although this sort of Asura Ghost Slave only had the strength of a quasi Emperor, their bodies were as solid as divine iron. Killing them was several times more difficult than killing a normal quasi Emperor.

Although Lin Ming had killed an Asura Ghost Slave, the web of his palm had shaken to the point that it nearly tore apart. If he wanted to kill these five ghost slaves then he might have to trade his right hand in the process.

In the current situation, it was absolutely a bad idea to injure himself.

As he saw the five ghost slaves surround him, he loudly shouted out and the highly compressed power of thunder and fire within the Heretical God Sprout erupted. The Burning Star Flame and the Nine Heavens Thunder Soul joined together!

Penetrating Rainbow!


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