Chapter 881 – Furious Battle

Chapter 881 – Furious Battle

Just from looking at this other party’s aura, they were absolutely a terrifying opponent. If Lin Ming hadn’t been discovered then he would have chosen to hide away, but now that this other party’s divine sense had locked onto him, there was simply no place to run away to!

As he looked at Old Man Good Fortune, Lin Ming could see that his eyebrows were tightly wrinkled together. It was apparent that he didn’t have much assurance against this opponent.

“It shouldn’t be someone from the Sky Spill Continent. There are no powerhouses of this level within the Sky Spill Continent.” Old Man Good Fortune said with a solemn expression. Although he came from the Divine Realm and could be called the warden of this world, the truth was that he really didn’t have much to do with the Divine Realm anymore. The reason he came to this Temple of Marvels was to seek his own lucky chances. Against this mysterious existence within the Temple of Marvels, his Divine Realm background could not be used, and even if it could, it wouldn’t have worked anyway.

Lin Ming and Old Man Good Fortune left the underground mine tunnel together. As they emerged, they saw that the originally dreamy, picturesque blue sky was now awash with billowing dark clouds and sparkling thunder.

With a loud bang, a blood red light perforated the vault of heaven, making it seem...

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