Chapter 880 – Master of the Bronze Ghost Coffin

Chapter 880 – Master of the Bronze Ghost Coffin

Lin Ming and Old Man Good Fortune continued to walk towards the core of the dimensional realm where the spirit vein source was.

On their way, they passed all sorts of divine and magical spirit flowers and trees. Flowing rivers and streams crossed the grasslands like elegant roads of blue jade. These rivers were filled with all sorts of beautiful and exquisite fish. After staying at such a mystic land, these fish had already gained consciousness with the most simple form of intelligence.

“Silent nether flowers, ghostly fog grass, spotted sky grass…” Lin Ming called out the names of several different types of spiritual plants. As an alchemist, he had an extremely high understanding towards various spirit plant materials.

These sorts of spirit plants were bred within this spiritual treasure land. The younger ones were several hundred years old and the older ones were thousands of years old. And this was only because the lifespans of these spirit plants were limited by their grade. Otherwise, with as long as this Temple of Marvels had existed, there might even have been medicinal plants that were over 100,000 years old.

These many medicinal plants weren’t too precious, but as an alchemist, whether it was for alchemy practice or truly concocting medicines, there would always be a place for medicinal plants of all ranks. The Cosmic Melting Furnace was simply a bottomless pit. No matter how many medicinal herbs Lin Ming threw in, he could refine that many.

Lin Ming started to unceremoniously pick up everything around him. As long as they were mature herbs, he would take them all.

“This is…”

Lin Ming saw a crimson tree in front of him, his eyes revealing surprise and disbelief.

This tree was only 20 feet tall and the roots twisted aboveground. From afar, it looked...

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