Chapter 879 – Top Grade Spirit Vein

Chapter 879 – Top Grade Spirit Vein

Lin Ming continued with Old Man Good Fortune all the way forwards. He grasped his red spear as he led the way. As they walked down, the forest that was filled with countless massive umbrella-shaped plants began to become bleak and desolate. The ground started to turn bumpy, covered with holes that revealed bare stones that shined with a blue and black light.

Looking up at the sky, crushed stones filled the air, shining and glittering like jewels, as if they were a chain of gems.

At this time, a figure unexpectedly appeared in front of them. As Lin Ming locked his eyes on this newcomer, his heart immediately turned cold.

This figure was an old woman. Her appearance was ancient and her body was bent with rickets. It had actually turned out to be… Situ Yaoxi!

“What is going on here?”

Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with surprise. He didn’t fear Situ Yaoxi at all. Let alone the fact that Old Man Good Fortune stood behind him, but even if he were alone he would feel no fear at all.

Only Lin Ming and Old Man Good Fortune had entered this space, so it should have been only the two of them here. How did Situ Yaoxi make her way here? Had she managed to enter this world through some other entrance? Even if that were true, then what about the other Asura Divine Kingdom martial artists...

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