Chapter 877 – Entering the Temple

Chapter 877 – Entering the Temple

Yang Laotian’s eyebrows audibly clicked together as he heard Old Man Good Fortune’s words. Although he didn’t believe such nonsense like that he would be able to close up for 800 years at a time, he was able to confirm that he certainly had some sort of secret skill to extend his life. That was his understanding of Time Laws. Yang Laotian couldn’t say that this didn’t tempt him, but against this Old Man Good Fortune, whose strength likely surpassed his own, Yang Laotian had no thoughts that he would be able to snatch the Concept of Time inheritance from Old Man Good Fortune’s hands.

Yang Laotian thought for a moment and didn’t continue to speak. He felt an extreme fear towards Old Man Good Fortune in his heart.

On the Sublime Smelting Divine Kingdom side, the Sublime Smelting Imperial Grand Uncle Ouye Hua greeted Old Man Good Fortune with a faint smile. He wasn’t too familiar with Old Man Good Fortune – they were neither enemies nor friends. He wasn’t like Yang Laotian, who had once fought with Old Man Good Fortune.

Lin Ming could feel gazes filled with intense hatred beaming onto his body from the crowd....

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