Chapter 877 Entering the Temple

Chapter 877 – Entering the Temple

Yang Laotian’s eyebrows audibly clicked together as he heard Old Man Good Fortune’s words. Although he didn’t believe such nonsense like that he would be able to close up for 800 years at a time, he was able to confirm that he certainly had some sort of secret skill to extend his life. That was his understanding of Time Laws. Yang Laotian couldn’t say that this didn’t tempt him, but against this Old Man Good Fortune, whose strength likely surpassed his own, Yang Laotian had no thoughts that he would be able to snatch the Concept of Time inheritance from Old Man Good Fortune’s hands.

Yang Laotian thought for a moment and didn’t continue to speak. He felt an extreme fear towards Old Man Good Fortune in his heart.

On the Sublime Smelting Divine Kingdom side, the Sublime Smelting Imperial Grand Uncle Ouye Hua greeted Old Man Good Fortune with a faint smile. He wasn’t too familiar with Old Man Good Fortune – they were neither enemies nor friends. He wasn’t like Yang Laotian, who had once fought with Old Man Good Fortune.

Lin Ming could feel gazes filled with intense hatred beaming onto his body from the crowd. As he looked around, he wasn’t surprised at all to see that it was Situ Bonan and Situ Yaoxi.

‘Those two old fellows are really haunting me like ghosts!’

Lin Ming’s expression sank. Situ Yaoxi and Situ Bonan were nearing the end of their lifespan and they had originally relied on lucky chances to forcefully rise to the Divine Sea realm. If they missed this chance then their lives would come to an end in another 500-600 years. Lin Ming would have been shocked if they hadn’t come.

“Haha, Brother Lin, you really came.”

In the distance, Ouye Qingfeng and Yang Yun greeted Lin Ming, both of them cupping their hands across their chests. Lin Ming also greeted them in return.

In a brief glimpse, Lin Ming could see that there were several outstanding young elites standing beside Ouye Qingfeng and Yang Yun. Their cultivations were at the sixth and seventh stage of Life Destruction and the aura they released was no weaker than that of Situ Yaoyue.

“He’s Lin Lanjian?”

Beside Ouye Qingfeng, a young man holding a blue sword arched his eyebrows upwards. His name was Ouye Qun and he was the same as Qin Yu, a sixth stage Life Destruction martial artist that was a half-step into the Divine Sea. However, he was just a tad stronger than Qin Yu. He had inborn purple tang meridians, a meridian variation.

However, those born with purple yang meridians were destined to have normal martial talent. Ouye Qin was finally unable to take that final step into the seventh stage of Life Destruction. And thus, with his sixth stage Life Destruction cultivation, he began to step into the Divine Sea.

To this end, Ouye Qun had also taken this to heart, constantly brooding over this. He had great ambitions, but if he wasn’t able to step into the seventh stage of Life Destruction then he simply had no hope of ever becoming the highest under the heavens.

“That’s right.” Ouye Qingfeng nodded.

Ouye Qun narrowed his eyes. This Lan Lanjian was the future highest under the heavens? Just what secrets could be on his body?

“The Temple of Marvels is just in the dense fog ahead. The entrance is protected by a barrier of energy, and this energy barrier is weakest in the early morning and late evening. In just another incense stick of time, we will be able to enter!”

The one who spoke was the Sublime Smelting Imperial Grand Uncle. With his words, the group began to slowly make their way forwards. Lin Ming passed through the fog and watched as the legendary Temple of Marvels appeared in front of him.

The temple floated high above the clouds. From afar it emitted a dazzling golden light. It seemed to be carved from jade and the top of the temple pierced straight into the Nine Heavens Thunder Dominion. Countless arcs of thunder surrounded the dome of the temple.

There was no signboard on the Temple of Marvels, only countless silver runes that covered the outside.

There were no doors leading to the great hall. Right in front of them was a row of massive columns that rose thousands of feet into the air, and in between these columns was a number of pitch black entrances. There was a strange force field that twisted these entrances, separating them from the outside world.

This sort of force field was not created by human hands. Rather, it appeared because of some mystical energy from within the Temple of Marvels. This energy was far too powerful so it naturally distorted the space around it, forming a closed force field. It was the same as the Eternal Demon Abyss’ 1000 mile forbidden zone and the 8000 Black Swamp. And although the force field around the Temple of Marvels was smaller, it was far more formidable.

“I’ll go first!”

Yang Laotian let out a long laugh and then drove his divine carriage to an entrance between two columns. As he approached the force field, he extracted a shining gold divine mace from his spatial ring and slammed it against the closed off force field, directly shattering it. The Divine Sea powerhouses of the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom brought their heroic young elites in with them. In addition to the other Holy Land influences subordinate to them, over 50 people made their way in.

Soon after they entered, the Sublime Smelting Divine Kingdom followed close behind. Ouye Hua broke through the force field and brought in a group of over 40 people.

The Asura Divine Kingdom and the Seven Star Divine Kingdom went next, followed by the scattered martial artists.

Old Man Good Fortune didn’t seem to be in a hurry. He said to Lin Ming, “At the entrance to the Temple of Marvels, every gap between two pillars leads to a different place. Let’s choose a separate route so we don’t end up together with them.”

Old Man Good Fortune casually chose an entryway, then with a single pat of his palm the force field shattered, and he and Lin Ming calmly entered the Temple of Marvels.


Woosh… woosh… woosh…

Great black waves tumbled as they beat against rocks. Lin Ming stood on a desolate island beach.

A black sea spread out without end, appearing like the fabled Sea of Miracles.

And above this island there were giant trees that resembled umbrellas. These great trees were hundreds of feet high and not even a dozen people holding hands could wrap around the trunk. The little bits of light that made it through the canopy of these trees resembled stars. This world had no sun, but the little bit of star-like light coming from those trees illuminated the world.

“This shouldn’t be an island in the Sea of Miracles, right?”

Lin Ming was stunned. Even though he truly wished to discover the secrets of the Sea of Miracles, he was extremely frightened by this sea. He did not even have the slightest hope that he would be able to make it out. After all, his strength was far from comparable to the past highest under the heavens.

“No need to be anxious. This is only a world within the Temple of Marvels, a world of sand. Those ancient Supreme Elders with an extremely high cultivation were able to create independent spaces, so opening numerous worlds within this temple isn’t strange at all! This is also the fifth level of the Concept of Space – Spatial Genesis!”

“The fifth level?” Lin Ming was startled. He already knew that every Law was divided into several different levels. For instance, the Fire Laws were divided into nine different boundaries. The first two boundaries were the Concept of Burning Heat and the Concept of Annihilation, both of them corresponding to the first two worlds of the God Transforming Mirror. And behind these two worlds were more worlds, each corresponding to a different kind of Concept. The deeper one delved, the more profound and difficult it became to understand these Laws. Lin Ming was stranded at the second level of the Fire Laws; he hadn’t even been able to touch upon the entryway to the third level. Even so, Lin Ming’s achievements in the fire-attribute Concepts were already considered extraordinary.

And listening to Old Man Good Fortune’s words, it seemed that the ancient Supreme Elder who had created this Temple of Marvels had reached at least the Concept of Space’s fifth level. This was far too amazing!

“How many boundaries are there in the Space Laws? And what are they?” Lin Ming couldn’t help but ask.

Old Man Good Fortune didn’t hide anything. He directly said, “The Space Laws have a total of ten different boundaries. They are: Space Distortion, Heaven’s Divide, Dimensional Slash, Space Disruption, Spatial Genesis, Space Storm, Black Hole Vortex, Tenth Space Dimension, World Destruction, and World Creation!”

Old Man Good Fortune spoke out the names of these ten boundaries but didn’t give a detailed explanation of them. Still, Lin Ming was shocked just hearing these names. He found it hard to imagine just what it was like the further back one went.

Old Man Good Fortune sighed, “The road of martial arts is endless and infinite. Of these ten different levels of Concepts, the first five are relatively simple. But, the latter half is nearly impossible to speculate. The so-called Space Storm is in truth controlling the power of space. With just a thought, you would be able to move space freely. As for Black Hole Vortex, that is the ability to compress space to a single point, collapsing all of existence into nothingness, forever unable to leave. As for the Tenth Space Dimension, even I haven’t been able to figure out just what that is. Then there is World Destruction and World Creation. Those refer to the destruction and creation of a true realm; it’s impossible to imagine just what sort of mighty force that would be!”

The planet that the Sky Spill Continent resided on was part of a true boundless realm. But, it was only one of the three thousand boundless worlds; it was impossible to calculate just how many worlds there were. The Divine Realm measured the lower realms by 1000 times 1000 times 1000, meaning that there were a billion worlds, thus naming it a true boundless realm. Every one of these boundless realms also had countless dimensional realms and minor dimensions located within them; it was incomparably complex.

To destroy and create such a terrifyingly massive world system – that was unimaginable!

“What boundary has Senior Good Fortune reached?” Lin Ming asked.

Old Man Good Fortune shook his head, “I’ve only been able to comprehend the third boundary – Dimensional Slash. It’s impossible for me to think of reaching any further in my life.”

As Lin Ming heard Dimensional Slash, he suddenly thought of that sword strike Old Man Good Fortune had used to defeat Situ Haotian. That had been the Dimensional Slash. To use a space fragment as a weapon and cut through all! Even though Situ Haotian had transformed his body into that of a Giant Demon, he still wasn’t able to defend against it. They were simply on two completely disparate levels!

To comprehend the third level Concept, Dimensional Slash, was also impressively breathtaking.

“Little Friend Lin, the road in front of us isn’t too hard. How about you help an old man lead the way?”

Lin Ming could hear the implicit meaning within his words. Old Man Good Fortune wanted him to gain more experience.

He pondered for a moment, hesitating, and then couldn’t help but ask, “Senior Good Fortune, this junior has a question that he isn’t sure whether it is proper to ask.”

“There’s no danger in asking.”

“This junior would like to ask, why does Senior Good Fortune help this junior so much?”

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