Chapter 876 – All Heroes Gathered

Chapter 876 – All Heroes Gathered

The Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom was the most powerful of the four Divine Kingdoms, and thus their number of geniuses far outstripped that of the Asura Divine Kingdom. Although a talent on the level of Situ Yaoyue was once in a millennium to the Asura Divine Kingdom, in the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom she would have appeared every 300-400 years.

“Crown Prince Your Highness!”

Yang Mu and Qin Yu greeted Yang Yun, but there wasn’t much respect showing on their faces. Qin Yu was already a half-step Divine Sea master, and would become a Divine Sea Supreme Elder in just a few more years, enjoying similar treatment to a High Prince. She naturally didn’t need to bow to the Crown Prince.

As for Yang Mu, he was already 70 years old and had a seventh stage Life Destruction cultivation. In the future there was a chance he would become a top level character like the Nine Furnace Highest Divine Emperor, so he naturally wouldn’t respect someone like Yang Yun who was over 30 years younger than him. In fact, Yang Mu was very unwilling to accept that Yang Yun had inherited the position of Crown Prince. Yang Mu even had faint thoughts of replacing him.

“Elder Brother Mu, Fairy Qin.” Yang Yun faintly smiled as he greeted them. “Tomorrow, the four Divine Kingdoms will remove the blockade and officially enter the Temple of Marvels. This exploration might even reveal the secrets...

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