Chapter 874 – Comprehending the Laws of Time

Realm of the Gods is now referred to as Divine Realm

Chapter 874 – Comprehending the Laws of Time

Lin Ming drooped downwards until his back was against the ground. His hands slightly trembled and a small pool of blood was already appearing underneath him.

Looking at his body, Lin Ming was overjoyed even as he wryly shook his head. All the meridians on his arms had been broken, and even some of the meridians of his body had been damaged. His two hands would be temporarily useless.

The word ‘pain’ in the Gate of Pain contained the implications of a double-edged sword. Opening the Gate of Pain would cause damage to the martial artist, and while fighting using the power of the Gate of Pain, that would also cause a burden on a martial artist’s body.

Thus, this was the reason the Gate of Pain was the last of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates’ first four gates. Only by opening the Gate of Healing and the Gate of Limit, which could drastically change the physical properties of a martial artist, would they then be able to withstand the backlash from the Gate of Pain.

As Lin Ming looked at his hands, he gave up crossing the second stage of Life Destruction for the time being. Usually, these types of wounds could be healed in several days with Lin Ming’s regenerative powers. But, the wounds brought forth by the Gate of Pain would...

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