Chapter 874 Comprehending the Laws of Time

Realm of the Gods is now referred to as Divine Realm

Chapter 874 – Comprehending the Laws of Time

Lin Ming drooped downwards until his back was against the ground. His hands slightly trembled and a small pool of blood was already appearing underneath him.

Looking at his body, Lin Ming was overjoyed even as he wryly shook his head. All the meridians on his arms had been broken, and even some of the meridians of his body had been damaged. His two hands would be temporarily useless.

The word ‘pain’ in the Gate of Pain contained the implications of a double-edged sword. Opening the Gate of Pain would cause damage to the martial artist, and while fighting using the power of the Gate of Pain, that would also cause a burden on a martial artist’s body.

Thus, this was the reason the Gate of Pain was the last of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates’ first four gates. Only by opening the Gate of Healing and the Gate of Limit, which could drastically change the physical properties of a martial artist, would they then be able to withstand the backlash from the Gate of Pain.

As Lin Ming looked at his hands, he gave up crossing the second stage of Life Destruction for the time being. Usually, these types of wounds could be healed in several days with Lin Ming’s regenerative powers. But, the wounds brought forth by the Gate of Pain would last for over a month.

Moreover, during this period of time, his physical condition and all aspects of his combat strength would decline by a great deal, before slowly restoring to an even higher peak. There was a sense of breaking himself and creating something even better.

But during this time, Lin Ming didn’t plan on simply resting either. He planned to meditate on the Space-Time Laws jade slips that Old Man Good Fortune had left behind. In particular, the records concerning the Concept of Time; Lin Ming was extremely interested in those.

With the meridians in his arms ruined and unable to connect energy through his body, Lin Ming’s current strength was even worse than some low level martial artists’.

He simply rode a divine carriage that was pulled by eight golden birds that resembled phoenixes, soaring through the skies of the Forsaken God Clan’s back mountains. He enjoyed viewing the various beautiful flowers and trees, meditating on the Time Laws in comfort.

Although the Forsaken God Clan’s dimensional realm was covered in layers of array formations, Shibai still sent out many bodyguards to accompany him. There were even many beautiful maids that served him, meticulously meeting all of his needs.

As Lin Ming rode on top of the divine carriage, wrapped in silk and cloth and jewels, his handsome and exquisite jade-like looks facing the world, he seemed like a noble prince.

This was a sort of life that many martial artists desired. For instance, the South Sea’s Nanyun Wang, or many of the Princes and Princesses of the four Divine Kingdoms would be accompanied by heavenly music as they went out to travel. They would have divine soldiers clearing the way for them with Saint Beasts drawing their carriage forwards. Meanwhile, they would even have massive numbers of beautiful young maids and concubines around then, hugging these women left and right.

Lin Ming never thought that one day, he too would enjoy a similar life.

After resting for 40 days, Lin Ming finally felt his strength slowly return to his body. The meridians of his arms had nearly been completely restored and there was nothing left on his two palms but extremely faint scars that looked like water marks. One couldn’t even see them unless one looked very closely.

These were scars left behind by the Gate of Pain. After more time passed, even those would vanish, only revealing themselves when he opened the Gate of Pain. At that time, Lin Ming would also be able to burst out with his strongest energy, instantly reaching almost two million jins of strength!

Following that, Lin Ming felt his strength was growing every day. The muscles of his body grew with beautiful edged lines, accentuating a gently aesthetic beauty that was smooth and powerful at the same time.

He felt as if he had been reborn once again. His body had been filled with endless strength, as if he could lift a mountain above himself.

What Lin Ming most desired to do now was to find a powerful opponent to fight. Unfortunately, no one under the Divine Sea was his match any longer, and as for those Divine Sea masters like Shibai, he wasn’t able to defeat them.

Within the Sky Spill Continent, in the last 100,000 years of never ending time, it was extremely rare for a Life Destruction martial artist to be able to jump ranks and fight a Divine Sea master. First, this was because there was a massive gap between Life Destruction and the Divine Sea, and every person able to break into the Divine Sea was themselves a proud son of heaven, a peerless genius of their era. Of course, those Divine Sea powerhouses that couldn’t break into the Divine Sea before they were 100 years old and had to rely on lucky chances to do so were only the weakest of Divine Sea powerhouses. Only those martial artists that stepped into the Divine Sea realm through their own strength could be considered true peak Emperor level talents.

In order to cross a great boundary to defeat a proud son of heaven, one had to be an even more monstrous genius. Wasn’t that easier said than done?

“Perhaps those six evil spirits I saw in the 8000 Mile Black Swamp that were pulling the bronze ghost coffin might be able to give me a hearty battle.”

That bronze ghost coffin still echoed in Lin Ming’s mind. Just what level had the existence slumbering within reached?

Lin Ming shook his head, no longer thinking about these things as he continued to perceive the Time Laws. The Time Laws that Old Man Good Fortune left behind were extremely mysterious, enough to keep Lin Ming entranced. After immersing himself within them, several hours passed in an instant.

Lin Ming’s impression was that the Concept inheritances of the Sky Spill Continent were far more limited than those from the Divine Realm. But, the Concept of Time jade slip that Old Man Good Fortune had left behind actually had some direct hints about the source of the Great Dao. This was simply like the inheritances from the Divine Realm!

“Did Old Man Good Fortune enter into a mystic realm left behind in the Sky Spill Continent from 100,000 years ago, and obtain an inheritance from the Divine Realm?”

No matter how talented a martial artist was, they still had to have some sort of basis in order to deduce even more profound Concepts and Laws. It was impossible to form a set of Laws from thin air. All signs indicated that 100,000 years ago, the martial arts civilization of the Sky Spill Continent was glorious, even containing the tiniest hint of the splendor from the Divine Realm.

Old Man Good Fortune had lived for 8000 years; it was impossible to count just how many places he had been to or how many mystic realms he had explored. It wasn’t strange for him to have such an inheritance.

“I wonder why Old Man Good Fortune would lend such precious jade slips to me?”

As Lin Ming was thinking of returning to his chamber and practicing some of the Laws recorded on the jade slips, at this time, the flame of a sound transmitting talisman shined out in front of him. This was a message from Shibai. The message was simply – ‘please come to the Elders Palace’.

“Mm?” Lin Ming was startled. This must be a serious matter for Shibai to want to speak to him face to face.


As Lin Ming arrived at the Elder’s Palace, he saw that Shibai and the masked old man were already waiting inside for him. The masked old man was the second Divine Sea Supreme Elder of the Forsaken God Clan. He was extremely mysterious and rarely spoke; even Lin Ming didn’t know his name.

On a table in front of Shibai were placed two letters. As Lin Ming looked at the seals marking them, he saw that they came from the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom and the Sublime Smelting Divine Kingdom.

“The Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom’s Yang Yun and the Sublime Smelting Divine Kingdom’s Ouye Qingfeng have each sent a letter. Take a look at them.”

Shibai flicked his finger and both letters flew into Lin Ming’s hands. Lin Ming was originally calm, but as he slowly read through them, he found it increasingly difficult to keep his cool.

As Lin Ming finished reading both letters, he let out a long breath. The two letters spoke of the same matter. It was that the Temple of Marvels that existed in the Sea of Miracles had appeared in the skies above the 8000 Mile Black Swamp!

When Lin Ming had joined Yang Yun at the Nine Flowers Banquet, he had heard a Sublime Smelting Prince mention the Temple of Marvels. This temple was extremely fantastical and was said to appear only in the deepest areas of the Sea of Miracles. Only some Divine Sea Supreme Elders that had penetrated deep into the 8000 Mile Black Swamp had been able to spot it from a distance, and even they felt as if they were looking at nothing more than a mirage.

No one had ever returned alive from the Sea of Miracles, and even approaching the edge was dangerous, let alone investigating the temple. Just a random great beast from the Sea of Miracles would be able to easily devour a Divine Sea Supreme Elder.

But now, because of some unknown reason, the Temple of Marvels had appeared in the skies of the 8000 Mile Black Swamp for the first time in known history!

As Lin Ming thought of this, he immediately remembered the bronze ghost coffin he had encountered earlier. The existence sleeping within it might very well have come from the Sea of Miracles!

After he saw that bronze ghost coffin, the Temple of Marvels had drifted out from the Sea of Miracles. It was natural to associate the two when there was such a coincidence. How were the two related? Was it even possible that the Temple of Marvels was the palace of the existence within the coffin?

Looking again, it seemed that the four Divine Kingdoms had already used various methods to investigate the Temple of Marvels the day before.

The Sea of Miracles was known as an absolute life forbidden zone, and the Temple of Marvels was also likely a cursed place. Even if they knew there were lucky chances within that defied the will of the heavens, no one dared to recklessly rush in for fear that they would never be able to step back out.

The Asura Divine Kingdom had sent out slaughter puppets to investigate. The Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom, Sublime Smelting Divine Kingdom, and Seven Star Divine Kingdom had also sent out similar puppets or enemies they had planted slaves seals within to investigate the Temple of Marvels. In around a month’s time they would have their results. At that time, they would assess the risks and decide whether or not they should enter.

Currently, the entire periphery of the 8000 Mile Black Swamp had been cordoned off by the four Divine Kingdoms and it was impossible to enter.

Yang Yun and Ouye Qingfeng had both sent these letters because they wished to ask Lin Ming whether or not he would like to explore the Temple of Marvels with them.

Lin Ming was filled with longing and curiosity for the secrets in the Sea of Miracles. With Lin Ming’s character, he normally would have made the trip. But now, with the great enemy of Situ Haotian floating around, he couldn’t help but think solemnly of his decision.

Lin Ming didn’t think he had the ability to escape Situ Haotian, even after opening the Gate of Pain.

In the mystic realm, the Asura Divine Kingdom simply wouldn’t care about decorum. Once Lin Ming was killed, just what could the Forsaken God Clan do? If he died, what use would there be in them killing Situ Yaoyue?

And besides Situ Haotian, he feared that characters like the Nine Furnace Highest Divine Emperor and the Sublime Smelting Imperial Grand Uncle would appear. These people were existences Lin Ming could not possibly hope to contend with. They might outwardly be on good terms with him, but in that mystic realm with enormous benefits all around, who knew just what they would do.

“Little Brother Lin, I don’t think you need to take this risk…” Shibai slowly said after considering the matter for a moment. “Because of my Forsaken God Clan’s bloodline curse, we are unable to leave this dimensional realm for an extended period of time. This sort of mystic realm will likely not be explored in three to five days, so it’s impossible for us to go. And in truth, even if we did go with you, if we leave the protection of the Realmheart great array, we will no longer be a match for the Asura Divine Kingdom. And if you go by yourself, you will be in extreme danger. Situ Yaoyue can be used as a chip to threaten the Asura Divine Kingdom, but it’s impossible for you to take her along as a protective charm.”

“I understand…” Lin Ming nodded. Although he loved to adventure and explore, he certainly wouldn’t enter a mystic realm with such a low chance of survival. He could only say that it was an unfortunate set of circumstances.

However, what Lin Ming didn’t expect was that just a day later, another letter would arrive. This letter was from Old Man Good Fortune. He intended to enter the Temple of Marvels, and if Lin Ming desired to go, he could also bring Lin Ming along.

“Old Man Good Fortune!” Lin Ming’s heart stirred as he took a deep breath.

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