Chapter 873 – Opening the Gate of Pain

Chapter 873 – Opening the Gate of Pain

The dark and putrid Yellow Springs River was 1000 feet wide. On the shores of the other side, the world was submerged in the darkness of night and filled with a suppressive, deathly silence. In the river’s waters, countless skeletons floated on the surface. Of these skeletons, many of them were non-human races. Some of these races had wings, horns, tails, and even looked like hell demons from myths and legends.

Just by glancing at this Yellow Springs River, an inexhaustible sorrow and despair filled the heart. It was like this river was alive and also held the most important thing of their entire life. But, no matter how they thought about it, they could never remember what it was. All they knew was that once they left here, they would lose it forever.

Lin Ming had seen the Yellow Springs River before, but this time he was struck by the greatest summoning power yet. If it weren’t for the fact that Lin Ming’s heart of martial arts was tough and his will was steady like iron and he had also comprehended a silver battle spirit, then his mind would have likely fallen into the illusion and he would have died here!

He fiercely bit down on the tip of his tongue, using that stinging pain to awaken himself. Lin Ming instantly launched his movement...

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