Chapter 871 – Sea Serpent Crystal

Chapter 871 – Sea Serpent Crystal

This was the final stage of refining the Myriad Spirit Pill as well as the most critical stage. All of the plant essence was sealed within the wood spirit jade bottle, where it would be condensed into a pill through the flames. If there was even a single mistake in this process then all of Lin Ming’s efforts would have become wasted.

Before continuing with this step, Lin Ming rested for seven days and seven nights. He lit incense, bathed, washed his hands, and meditated for two hours.

These rituals were not useless. Rather, he had to go through these rituals in order to adjust his mind to its best state.

Hu! Hu! Hu!

Flames flickered and burned. Lin Ming watched as that million year wood spirit jade bottle rolled in the scorching fire.

There was no need to uncap the bottle for the final stage of refinement. The several thousands of medicinal herb essences had their own spiritual intelligence, so it was easy for them to flee. They were sealed into that wood spirit jade bottle via its special characteristics of isolating all perception. However, if the bottle were to be opened then these plant essences would escape over time.

By throwing the entire bottle into the Cosmic Melting Furnace, the bottle itself would be refined and become a part of the Myriad Spirit Pill.

A million year...

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