Chapter 870 – Myriad Spirit Pill

Chapter 870 – Myriad Spirit Pill

Several months had passed since Lin Ming and Situ Yaoyue’s cataclysmic battle. Duanmu Qun left his sound transmission mark at the Forsaken God Clan and left. As for Yang Yun, Li Yifeng, the Holy Land Holy Sons, Princes, High Successors, and other such characters, all of them had left one after the other.

However, Lin Ming’s momentum was simply too great. When one great influence left, a smaller one would come again. Even though Lin Ming had already declined to receive visitors for a long time, there were still many representatives of smaller influences entering and leaving the dimensional realm. It didn’t matter that they couldn’t see Lin Ming; they never had this hope to begin with. It was enough for them to see someone from the Forsaken God Clan.

In any case, they did not need to personally hand over gifts to Lin Ming. They only needed to pass them through the Forsaken God Clan. According to the customs of the Sky Spill Continent, all gifts would be recorded in the register. While no one expected to form good relations with Lin Ming like this, they only wanted to express their friendly attitude.

After several months, although the gifts received from those small influences were rather small individually, there were just far too many. With every small influence sending 8000-10,000 spirit essence stones, several hundred of these gifts added up to two or three million spirit essence stones....

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