Chapter 869 – The New Destiny Decree

Chapter 869 – The New Destiny Decree

News of Lin Ming’s victory over Situ Yaoyue spread over the central region like a blazing whirlwind. A  peak first stage Life Destruction youth had defeated a seventh stage Life Destruction master with an Extreme Violet Dantian. This news was certainly shocking enough to be described as explosive.

No one had thought that Lin Ming would have been able to survive this ordeal, nor did they think that the Asura Divine Kingdom would be so thoroughly defeated by Lin Ming.

Anyone could see just how bright Lin Ming’s future was. It was possible he would rule the world for 10,000 years.

Three days later, a new version of the Destiny Decree was released.

After opening it, the first name on the first page was written down with flourishing letters of red ink.

Lin Lanjian!

Lin Ming had already been listed three times with the red ink that indicated he was the man of the hour. From over rank 200 of the Destiny Decree to leaping into first place, this sort of progress left chills crawling up everyone’s spines!

And on the back of that sheet, Lin Ming’s evaluation was written down in black.

‘The number one rarest talent that the Sky Spill Continent has witnessed in 100,000 years. His talent far surpasses that of the Demon Emperor and Eightfall Thunder Emperor, and it even faintly rises past that of Emperor Shakya. With his first stage Life Destruction cultivation,...

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