Chapter 868 – Unapproachable

Chapter 868 – Unapproachable

Everyone thought that because Old Man Good Fortune was reaching the end of his life, if he truly fought with Divine Emperor Haotian then it was unknown just who would emerge victorious. None of them imagined that Old Man Good Fortune would send Divine Emperor Haotian hurtling backwards with just a single strike. They were simply on completely different levels.

“How could this be…?” On a spirit boat, Shang Yuetian was speechless for a long time. It was within his expectations that Situ Haotian would have obtained the Ancient Giant Blood bloodline and grown sharply stronger. As a noble Divine Kingdom Emperor, his strength was surely ranked in the top five of the Sky Spill Continent, so there must be some cards he managed to keep hidden up until now. But that Situ Haotian actually didn’t even have the strength to resist Old Man Good Fortune’s attack!

‘Could the Nine Furnace Highest Divine Emperor and the Sublime Smelting Imperial Grand Uncle have this strength? Is this the strength of a powerhouse close to being the highest under the heavens?’

All of the martial artists present couldn’t help but think this. It was said that thousands of years ago, Old Man Good Fortune had once fought the Nine Furnace Highest Divine Emperor and forced him into a draw. Although this was only a rumor, smoke always meant there was fire. There had...

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