Chapter 867 – The Miracle of Time Laws

Chapter 867 – The Miracle of Time Laws

“So that’s what it is, the Ancient Giant Demon bloodline. It seems that Divine Emperor Haotian has obtained many lucky chances from the Giant Demon dimensional realm…” Old Man Good Fortune didn’t mind. The Asura Divine Kingdom had a dimensional realm on their borders that had many secrets of the Ancient Giant Demon race sealed within. It wasn’t surprising for him to have obtained some lucky chances.

“Senior does not need to worry about this Emperor’s lucky chances. Instead, think about how you’ll block this Emperor’s second attack!” Situ Haotian shouted out. His voice carried with it a metal energy, making it seem as if his words were ringing out from a great bell, sonorous and deafening.

After completing his transformation, Situ Haotian had full confidence in himself!

Old Man Good Fortune faintly smiled, “It looks like old me really has to work today. Really, for the young to continue being so stubborn isn’t...

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