Chapter 866 Divide the Void

Chapter 866 – Divide the Void

The situation had originally been disadvantageous for the Asura Divine Kingdom, but Situ Haotian’s miraculous chess move had caused the road to curve once more, adding new variables!

In this fight, if he could end it in a draw, then not only would Situ Haotian gain immeasurable fame, enough to deter the world, but he would also be able to solve Situ Yaoyue’s problem.

“He must defeat Situ Haotian in three moves or at least dominate him. Otherwise it will be impossible for him to command everyone’s respect. Can Old Man Good Fortune really do this?”

“If this were four thousand years ago when Old Man Good Fortune was still at his peak state, then that certainly wouldn’t be a problem. But now… I think the situation is an unknown!”

“Situ Haotian is too cunning and limited this match to only three moves. Old Man Good Fortune can’t change anything now even if he wanted to. After all, he’s the senior here.”

“Perhaps… Old Man Good Fortune will avoid this battle and use some casual excuse to refuse Situ Haotian. Although this will be enough to save his face, that will be the same as showing weakness. He won’t be able to meddle in Lin Lanjian’s affairs anymore!”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Old Man Good Fortune. Shibai and the other Forsaken God Clan martial artists looked a bit tense. All of them couldn’t help but think that 8000 years of life really did seem just a bit too old. And didn’t this elderly man seem as if he were in the last years of his life?

To suppress Situ Haotian with overwhelming strength in three moves, the chances were a bit unknown…

Old Man Good Fortune’s blue clothes fluttered in the wind. He held onto his peach walking stick, a kind and benevolent smile still hanging on his face. However, as this smile fell into the eyes of others, it appeared abstruse and profound. Old Man Good Fortune lightly coughed and said, “You know… being so stubborn isn’t always good…”

These words didn’t show if Old Man Good Fortune was planning to accept the match or not. Situ Haotian’s eyebrows shot up, “Senior Good Fortune, do you have no intention of directing this Emperor?”

“Haha…” Old Man Good Fortune stroked his white beard and said with a smile, “I don’t think I can direct you, but for a senior to be able to exchange some moves with a junior, at least this old man’s legacy might not be wasted in the coffin. This can also be considered good fortune.”

The surrounding martial artists all became excited as they heard Old Man Good Fortune speak. He had really decided to fight!

Those two were among the top powerhouses of the Sky Spill Continent! This sort of fight could be said to be rarer than a once in a millennium battle!

Existences of their level would only fight in the eruption of a national war or to compete for lucky chances. Otherwise, they simply wouldn’t bother fighting. If they did vigorously battle then they would have to consume their energy. Once they damaged their life source or harmed the fires of their life, the gains simply wouldn’t be equal to the losses.

Situ Haotian narrowed his eyes. At this moment he was like a massive dragon that was charging his strength, containing a potent and terrifying power within him. Once he erupted, it would truly be an earth-shaking event!

Old Man Good Fortune grasped his peach walking stick and hobbled over to stand in front of Situ Haotian. Compared to Situ Haotian’s dominating aura, he was simply like a normal old man without any special characteristics at all.

“Senior Good Fortune, let’s go up.” At this time, Situ Haotian’s fighting spirit was blazing. He had no intention of underestimating Old Man Good Fortune at all. He would go all-out in this battle!

He could not lose!

“Alright.” Old Man Good Fortune’s feet lifted off from the ground as he floated upwards without a sound. His green ox mount rode over from the clouds to position itself underneath Old Man Good Fortune’s feet.

Like this, Old Man Good Fortune rode his green ox and ascended into the skies.

The two flew 10,000 feet high in the air. As for the younger martial artists, they had moved far into the distance under the direction of their Elders. Those who were still staying within the 10 mile range were all powerful characters.

“A battle between Divine Sea Supreme Elders.” Lin Ming sucked in a deep breath, his heart filling with anticipation. This would be the most high level battle he had witnessed to date.

Near Lin Ming, Shibai was a bit worried. Just what would the result of this match be? Could Old Man Good Fortune really subdue Situ Haotian in three moves?

“Senior Good Fortune, do you not plan on putting away your mount?”

10,000 feet in the air, Situ Haotian frowned a bit as he saw Old Man Good Fortune ride up on his green ox. Once this battle began it would definitely be an apocalyptic scene. That mount would be crushed into goo.

“No need. This green ox will ride into battle with me.” Old Man Good Fortune said with a smile.

Situ Haotian guessed that the green ox was some sort of contract beast, but he didn’t care too much about it. It was a perfectly justified matter for a martial artist to fight with their contract beast.

“Divine Emperor Haotian, you may make your move.” Old Man Good Fortune reminded him.

“Then this Emperor shall do as you wish!” At this time, Situ Haotian naturally wouldn’t care about modesty or humility. In this battle he had to guarantee at least a draw. If he was able to put pressure on Old Man Good Fortune, then that would be even better!

Situ Haotian had kept a low profile for all these years and had collected a number of special trump abilities. Facing this Old Man Good Fortune, who was near the end of his life, he was confident he could put pressure on him.


A great strength erupted. Situ Haotian extracted a black halberd from his spatial ring. This war halberd was 10 feet long and released bursts of fierce black light. The shaft of the halberd was etched with compact and complex patterns. This was impressively a quasi-Saint artifact!

Counting this unknown black halberd, the Asura Divine Kingdom had continually revealed two quasi-Saint artifacts and one Saint artifact.

Among them, although the Demon God Heartguard mirror was a quasi-Saint level artifact, because it was a defensive treasure its value was in no way inferior to an offensive Saint artifact.

At this time, Situ Haotian’s thick black hair was flying in the wind. He seemed like a god that overlooked mortals, looking down at the world with arrogance and contempt!

“God Murder!”

Omm –

A loud ringing cry emerged from the black war halberd, followed by an endless amount of energy that extended outwards like a growing galaxy. Situ Haotian had used the strongest killing move of the ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’, a move that required the strength of the Divine Sea to use.

Facing this terrifying strike, Old Man Good Fortune still rode on his green ox. His blue clothes gently waved in the wind. With a calm expression, he lifted his hands and drew a line downwards. A star-like energy suddenly appeared like a fleeting illusion, falling down and cutting off the world.


Situ Haotian’s terrifying attack smashed towards Old Man Good Fortune. However, just as his attack reached 10 feet away, it simply vanished into the void, disappearing forever. It was like an invisible endless abyss had appeared in front of Old Man Good Fortune. Any energy that came towards him simply faded away with no trace left!


All of the martial artists watching from afar were dumbfounded. Situ Haotian’s horrifying attack had vanished just like that. Old Man Good Fortune still calmly rode his green ox, his blue clothes fluttering in the wind. As this scene fell into everyone’s watching eyes, they felt an inestimable feeling.

Lin Ming was also stricken; Old Man Good Fortune had easily divided space!

At this time, although Old Man Good Fortune was standing still and seemed close by, the truth was that he was in a completely separate world. Between him and Situ Haotian was an invisible moat that could not be crossed. No matter what sort of monstrous supernatural strength came rushing towards him, it would all fall into this unknown space, unable to harm even a single hair of Old Man Good Fortune.

Just how deep did one’s comprehension of the Space Laws have to be in order to use such a heaven-defying ability with such casual ease?

Lin Ming sucked in a breath of cold air. The Concepts of Space, Thunder, and Fire were all the same in that they were divided into multiple levels. Until now, Lin Ming had only encountered a  single level, and that was to distort and shrink space. His elusive and ghostly attacks and movements all depended on this. It was the first time that he had seen Old Man Good Fortune’s method of utilizing the Concept of Space. Without a doubt, Old Man Good Fortune’s actions today had opened up a great mystical door for Lin Ming.

With his first attack unsuccessful, Situ Haotian was still calm without the least bit of panic. Everything had gone as he had expected. “Heaven’s Divide. Senior Good Fortune’s technique is truly astounding. Since the first move failed, here is the second!”

As Situ Haotian spoke to here he suddenly emitted a loud shout. His voice didn’t even seem as if it could be that of a human. In that instant, a savage dragon seemed to awaken within his body. His joints began to emit popping sounds and his muscles rose, bulging out in all directions. His body began to grow, and in just several breaths of time he actually grew a whole 10 feet taller. His muscles had become as hard as rock. His face was ferocious and ravenous, and both his eyes were a bright blood red.

After transforming his body, Situ Haotian’s aura had soared by several times, the power of his blood vitality billowing into the sky like a blazing blame. At this time, he was filled with insufferable arrogance, like a demon god that had arrived in the world, overlooking all of existence!

Even if Old Man Good Fortune was able to divide the void, Situ Haotian now had sufficient strength to break it!

As Lin Ming saw Situ Haotian morph his body, he was startled. Situ Haotian’s body had actually become that of a Giant Demon. This was… just how had he done this? In that moment, he could clearly feel a rich and pure Giant Demon bloodline from within Situ Haotian. This bloodline was exactly the same as the Giant Demon blood essence that Lin Ming had seen when he opened the Cosmic Melting Furnace!

The Cosmic Melting Furnace had contained two masses of Giant Demon blood essence. The first mass had been absorbed by the Magic Cube and the second mass was given to Demonshine.

“Demonshine, what’s going on here? Could Situ Haotian come from the Giant Demon race’s bloodline?”

Lin Ming asked with a true essence sound transmission. Ever since Lin Ming had decided to attack Life Destruction, Demonshine had temporarily left Lin Ming’s body. Whether it was crossing Life Destruction or his life or death struggle with Situ Yaoyue, Lin Ming had a chance of dying. Thus, Demonshine had chosen to leave Lin Ming’s spiritual sea for the moment.

“He doesn’t. It’s just that this Situ Haotian must have obtained some Ancient Giant Demon blood essence from somewhere and then transplanted it into his body, thus he gained the ability to transform his body. This sort of bloodline is far inferior to your own Ancient Phoenix bloodline.”

The Ancient Giant Demons that once existed on the Holy Demon Continent were different from the currently existing Giant Demons. Those Ancient Giant Demons had a bloodline that contained a powerful strength. Of course, this couldn’t even be compared to the bloodline of a God Beast like a True Phoenix or True Dragon.

However, what Situ Haotian used was the blood essence of the Ancient Giant Demons and what Lin Ming had was only the most ordinary blood of the Ancient Phoenix, and the quantity was far less too. Thus, the disparity in their bloodlines wasn’t too great at this moment.

As Lin Ming was engaged in these thoughts, he suddenly heard a martial artist near him cry out in alarm. “A divine body! Battle Demon Emperor Body, that is also another kind of divine body!”

“The Asura Divine Emperor has a Battle Demon Emperor Body? I’ve never even heard of that before!”

“When the Asura Divine Emperor was born, he didn’t have a divine body. He only relied on his own extraordinary talent to reach where he is today. It’s likely he obtained this current divine body from some lucky chance somewhere.

“In just a single day I’ve seen two divine bodies as well as the Extreme Violet Dantian. This has really been an eye-opener!”

As these people were all crying out in acclaim, Lin Ming was dumbfounded; he simply didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. So this was what they thought the so-called divine body was. It appeared that everyone who possessed a physique different from that of the average man and was able to display a stronger combat strength was referred to as having a divine body.

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