Chapter 866 – Divide the Void

Chapter 866 – Divide the Void

The situation had originally been disadvantageous for the Asura Divine Kingdom, but Situ Haotian’s miraculous chess move had caused the road to curve once more, adding new variables!

In this fight, if he could end it in a draw, then not only would Situ Haotian gain immeasurable fame, enough to deter the world, but he would also be able to solve Situ Yaoyue’s problem.

“He must defeat Situ Haotian in three moves or at least dominate him. Otherwise it will be impossible for him to command everyone’s respect. Can Old Man Good Fortune really do this?”

“If this were four thousand years ago when Old Man Good Fortune was still at his peak state, then that certainly wouldn’t be a problem. But now… I think the situation is an unknown!”

“Situ Haotian is too cunning and limited this match to only three moves. Old Man Good Fortune can’t change anything now even if he wanted to. After all, he’s the senior here.”

“Perhaps… Old Man Good Fortune will avoid this battle and use some casual excuse to refuse Situ Haotian. Although this will be enough to save his face, that will be the same as showing weakness. He won’t be able to meddle in Lin Lanjian’s affairs anymore!”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Old Man Good Fortune. Shibai and the other Forsaken God Clan martial artists...

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