Chapter 865 – Two Conditions

Chapter 865 – Two Conditions

Facing Situ Haotian’s question, Old Man Good Fortune said at a moderate pace, “I would like Divine Emperor Haotian to agree to two conditions!”

“Do continue,” Situ Haotian’s complexion was downcast. It was impossible to tell just what he was thinking at the moment.

“Firstly, about the two Saint artifact treasures with Situ Yaoyue, both you and Little Friend Lin Lanjian here will take a step back. Of the two Saint artifacts, Little Friend Lin Lanjian will be able to take his choice of one!”


Old Man Good Fortune hadn’t even finished speaking when Situ Yaoxi cried out in alarm and anger. She really would have liked to shove her middle finger at Old Man Good Fortune’s nose and hurl insults at him, but she didn’t have the courage to do so. “Senior Good Fortune, while I do respect you as a senior, today you have clearly shown favor and bias towards Lin Lanjian! The Demon God Heartguard Mirror and the Great Desolate Blood Halberd are both national treasures of my Asura Divine Kingdom, so why should we give them to him!?”

Old Man Good Fortune chuckled and then slowly said, “Because of ‘principle’!”

“You…” Situ Yaoxi was so angry that she felt her intestines twisting. Old Man Good Fortune had made it clear that her Asura Divine Kingdom was the one being unreasonable and unprincipled.

“Today’s matter, since it is a life or death struggle, then even if the Demon God Heartguard Mirror and Great Desolate...

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