Chapter 864 – The Side of Morality and Principle

Chapter 864 – The Side of Morality and Principle

“You little beast, what did you say!?”

Situ Yaoxi was so angry she nearly fainted. She had already given Lin Ming an offer of 1.5 million spirit essence stones, but Lin Ming had actually opened his mouth wide like a lion and demanded the Demon God Heartguard Mirror and the Great Desolate Blood Halberd, two top treasures! Their value was impossible to estimate!

Lin Ming looked at Situ Yaoxi with faint indifference and then laughed, “This is a life or death struggle to begin with. Since I defeated Situ Yaoyue, I can also take her life and naturally everything on her would be mine. These are the established customs of the Sky Spill Continent. Do you think that you can use a saber to try to kill me, and then when your plan fails I somehow should give that saber back to you!?”

Lin Ming didn’t fear Situ Yaoxi. In any case, he simply wasn’t able...

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