Chapter 863 – All Parties Involved

Chapter 863 – All Parties Involved

As Shibai watched Lin Ming nearly die to Situ Bonan’s sneak attack because he had been distracted, a furious rage burnt in his heart.

Everything had happened so suddenly that he had been forced to resist Situ Yaoxi and Situ Haotian in a hurry. Especially that Situ Haotian! His strength was unfathomable, to the point that even Shibai feared him. If Situ Haotian had been the one to sneak attack Lin Ming, then perhaps Lin Ming really would have died here.

“Situ Yaoxi! Situ Bonan!” The corners of Shibai’s lips twitched as he spoke, a thick killing intent sparkling in his eyes. “I never thought you would be so shameless. Today, with all the martial artists of the world as witnesses, you actually dared to do something so pathetic! In terms of being cheap little shits, you are truly invincible!”

Shibai flashed several times before arriving at Lin Ming’s side, protecting him with the masked old man on the other side. Only then was he slightly relieved and able to ruthlessly mock the Asura Divine Kingdom.

The Asura Divine Kingdom’s actions had truly left many of the martial artists present dumbfounded. For them to publicly attempt to kill Lin Ming... they really didn’t care about face at all!

But at this time, face was useles...

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