Chapter 862 – Dropping All Pretenses

Chapter 862 – Dropping All Pretenses

The Great Desolate Blood Halberd’s weight was without doubt. One could tell just how terrifying it was from when it was smashed downwards. But, Lin Ming’s red spear was only a flexible heaven-step treasure. Even so, he was still using that heaven-step treasure to forcefully resist and defeat the Great Desolate Blood Halberd. Such a scene caused all the present martial artists to feel as if they had swallowed an entire cow. All of them were speechless, only blankly looking on at what was happening before them.

“Situ Yaoyue was defeated! She has a seventh stage Life Destruction cultivation and also the Extreme Violet Dantian, but she still lost to Lin Lanjian! If this continues, then Lin Lanjian will only need to cross a few more small boundaries before he becomes a Peerless Emperor!”

“As long as he can pass another three or four stages of Life Destruction then he might be able to contend with a weaker Divine Sea Supreme Elder. This Lin Lanjian is really an undefeated legend. I wonder just what degree he will grow to in the future. He might even be someone more ruthless and famous than Emperor Shakya!”

With events having reached this step, no one doubted Lin Ming’s strength and talent any longer. As long as he didn’t die, he was certain to become the future highest under the heavens. When this...

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