Chapter 861 Suppressing Yaoyue

Chapter 861 – Suppressing Yaoyue


Situ Yaoyue’s cherry red lips slightly parted, her voice trembling.

She had no idea what to say!

If the Great Desolate Blood Halberd was used by a Divine Sea powerhouse, then with its terrifying weight as well as the true essence that would be poured into it, it could be said to have incomparable power.

Now that it had fallen into Situ Yaoyue’s hands, although it couldn’t display its greatest strength, she could still use her energy to move it. Even so, just its falling momentum was more than astounding!

The Great Desolate Blood Halberd was a weapon that could break apart a mountain just if it were dropped! Now, it even had Situ Yaoyue’s added energy to move it!

And such an attack had been directly blocked by Lin Ming!

Ka ka ka!

The red spear in Lin Ming’s hand bent to the extreme. This was a standard service weapon of Timeworn Phoenix City. Although it was only a middle-grade heaven-step weapon, in terms of toughness, it actually surpassed a high-grade heaven-step treasure. And with Lin Ming’s silver battle spirit attached to it, it was able to abruptly resist the Great Desolate Blood Halberd without breaking.


Lin Ming erupted with a shout and the muscles of his arms suddenly bulged outwards, the blue veins twisting about. He exhausted all of his strength to suddenly push forwards, restoring the red spear to its straight form. Situ Yaoyue felt an unstoppable potential rush towards her as she flew backwards. She tumbled in the air for several miles, the blood in her body tumbling, her insides hurting like all her organs were being twisted around.

After resisting the Great Desolate Blood Halberd’s attack, she had been easily struck backwards by Lin Ming!


Situ Yaoyue didn’t dare to believe this was real. If Lin Ming had used a martial skill to attack her, then Situ Yaoyue would not be afraid. The Great Desolate Blood Halberd had the attribute of breaking apart all with absolute strength. She could depend on its powerful potential to shatter all energy based attacks.

But, something she never thought possible had happened. Lin Ming had frontally confronted her and blocked her attack! Where did this strength come from? Was he even human?! It was like he was an ancient dragon!

It had to be known that Situ Yaoyue was the wielder of the Great Desolate Blood Halberd. Even though she lacked the physical strength to move it, she could still drive it with her energy and use it to smash her opponents.

But Lin Ming was her enemy. It was impossible for him to pour any energy into the Great Desolate Blood Halberd. That meant that he could only rely on his own physical strength to block the Great Desolate Blood Halberd!

Normally, a martial artist would only undergo six phases of body transformation – Strength Training, Flesh Training, Viscera Training, Altering Muscle, Bone Forging and Pulse Condensation. During this time, one’s bodily strength would soar again and again. But after crossing Pulse Condensation, one’s strength would only slowly grow.

In addition, one’s strength would increase again during the marrow washing of the Xiantian realm and also when the body was reformed during Life Destruction. A monstrous genius would have 50,000-60,000 jins of strength, and even someone with inborn divine strength wouldn’t surpass 70,000-80,000 jins of strength. After all, a martial artist simply wouldn’t use this strength fight. A Life Destruction martial artist could use heaven and earth origin energy to create sword lights and easily slice apart a mountain, so why would they care about a mere several tens of thousands of jins of strength?

But now, Lin Ming had completely subverted all of Situ Yaoyue’s understandings!

It wasn’t just Situ Yaoyue, but even the other martial artists watching were dumbfounded. This included even the Divine Sea Supreme Elders!

Looking at Lin Ming’s handsome and slender appearance, he didn’t seem like someone that could erupt with such terrifying strength.

Such supernatural strength; could this also be a type of divine body?

Within the central region of the Sky Spill Continent, divine bodies, divine bloodlines, and dantian variations were all ideas deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. To them, anything that could greatly increase one’s martial talent or strength would be called a divine body. For instance, Lin Ming’s Ancient Phoenix bloodline.

“Maybe it’s not a divine body, but rather a special body strength enhancing technique that relies on true essence.” On a spirit boat, a blue-clothed old man commended. His name was Shang Yuetian and his cultivation was at the early Divine Sea realm. He was the Highest Elder of the Shang Family Clan Holy Land. The Shang Family Clan was a part of the Sublime Smelting Divine Kingdom, and all of their previous generations had been on good terms with the Sublime Smelting Divine Kingdom.

“I also think so. Otherwise, to have two simultaneous kinds of divine body is far too terrifying!” Beside Shang Yuetian, a black-haired middle-aged man commented. His cultivation was also at the Divine Sea realm, and he was even at the middle Divine Sea realm. He was a subordinate of the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom.

Although these two Divine Sea Supreme Elders had a great deal of experience, they had never heard of body transformation techniques like the Eight Inner Hidden Gates or Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, that could give someone millions or even billions of jins of strength. That simply exceeded everything they knew. Let alone now, but even 100,000 years ago, there were almost no body transformation technique martial artists left over on the Sky Spill Continent. This was because the Sky Spill Continent simply didn’t have enough resources for them to freely spend.

“This secret technique is rarely seen… but no matter how powerful one’s bodily strength is, only a limited amount can be transformed into striking power…”

Shang Yuetian thought out loud. The martial artists of the Sky Spill Continent had never placed bodily strength in high regard. This was just like how mortals who used gunpowder weapons would then look down on sabers and swords.

Situ Yaoyue calmed down after a brief period of shock. She believed that Lin Ming must have forcefully enhanced his strength through the use of some arcane technique. However, this sort of technique inevitably had limits; it was impossible to maintain for extended periods of time.

“Let me see how many of my moves you can block!”

Situ Yaoyue gave a cold shout and rushed forwards once more. She raised the Great Desolate Blood Halberd in her hands and pounded it towards Lin Ming again.


The Great Desolate Blood Halberd brutally collided with Lin Ming’s red spear once more!

In every collision, the red spear in Lin Ming’s hand would violently deform. It would become a crescent moon or like a bent bow. Lin Ming’s two arms contained a terrifying divine strength. After bending, the red spear would return like a whip, every movement enough to shake mountains.  

Clang! Clang! Clang!

It was like a divine bell of heaven was being rung again and again. A terrifying sound echoed throughout the world, piecing through the heavens and penetrating deep into the earth.

The powerful strikes set off a fierce storm of energy that rushed out in all directions, causing lava and stones to wildly clutter the air.

The two fought from the sea of lava to other mountain peaks, and from those mountain peaks to deep valleys. Wherever they fought, mountains would shatter. Every casual step Lin Ming took was enough to collapse the ground, causing a storm of crushed stone to fly into the air!

Such a method of fighting left all the present martial artists’ scalps tingling with fear and their souls shivering. This didn’t even seem like a fight between martial artists. It looked like two ancient vicious beasts that were fiercely wrestling with each other!


Situ Yaoyue was swept several thousand feet away by Lin Ming’s spear. She used the Great Desolate Blood Halberd to catch the ground and slow herself down, causing a massive fissure to appear in the ground. Situ Yaoyue stood up with difficulty. Her blood tumbled within her and her creamy white chest fiercely heaved up and down in exhaustion. Her hands had already become numb!

At this point, Situ Yaoyue wasn’t able to steadily hold onto the Great Desolate Blood Halberd. Her two lotus root-like arms trembled, as if she were an old woman at the end of her life!

She watched Lin Ming approach her from not too far away, and a look of panic and dread finally appeared on her beautiful face. Lin Ming simply didn’t seem as if he knew what exhaustion was. His strength continued to grow, becoming more and more fierce as the battle dragged on. This caused her to feel a blossoming fear in her heart. She was fast approaching her limit.

Although the two of them had clashed their weapons several times, they still hadn’t directly wounded each other. But, under the support of one million jins of strength, every single collision was like the impact of a falling meteor, a massive shaking impact that spread outwards. Even with their weapons as buffers, this shaking force still passed into their organs. If this damage accumulated, it would cause one’s blood to surge within them. If it was enough, then even their organs would break apart from the shock and bleed!

After those several dozen strikes, Situ Yaoyue nearly felt her bones break.

As for Lin Ming, the more he fought, the more ferocious he became!


As Situ Yaoyue spoke, blood began to flow out from the corners of her lips. Just as she was about to speak further, Lin Ming took a step forwards and attacked!


Lin Ming lifted his long spear high in the air. The overwhelming power of his spear swept down, bringing with it the pressure of a falling mountain. Situ Yaoyue forcefully suppressed the aching pain in her arms and lifted the Great Desolate Blood Halberd to block this attack.


Situ Yaoyue’s legs softened. Her flight technique simply wasn’t enough to withstand such a tremendous impact force. Half of her body was directly pounded in the rock. The collision of their weapons had caused the blood vessels in her arms to burst apart!

The accumulation of these minor shaking wounds had finally surpassed the limits of her body!

The blood vessels and meridians in her arms were in a complete mess, with the tendons and ligaments nearly torn apart. Situ Yaoyue could barely even hold onto the Great Desolate Blood Halberd. Her mind went blank and she wanted to retreat, but at this time Lin Ming brought his spear smashing down again like a collapsing mountain!


The two pole type weapons violently impacted each other again. Situ Yaoyue’s body shook, and her clear jade-like arms became covered with blood. Several of her bones had also fractured. She vomited a mouthful of blood as an immense impact force rushed out from her body, causing countless stones to shoot into the air. With Situ Yaoyue as the center, the surrounding area in a several hundred foot wide radius nearly completely collapsed. As for Situ Yaoyue, originally just her legs had been nailed into the rock, but now her entire waist and stomach were buried too!


Situ Yaoyue’s face burned with shame and anger. She wanted to suppress the pain in all her organs and retreat from here, but Lin Ming didn’t give her the chance. His spear came smashing down yet again!


Situ Yaoyue wasn’t able to resist this attack. The bones in her two arms were shattered to pieces and blood began pouring out from her head. In that moment, she felt the world flip upside down as her mind went dizzy and thunder roared in her ears. The broken stones around her body had been completely crushed into powder by the tremendous impact force, causing sand and smoke to shoot into the skies. Situ Yaoyue was completely pounded into the ground by Lin Ming, leaving only her head on the outside!

That overweeningly arrogant Situ Yaoyue, that proud daughter of heaven that resembled an immortal moon fairy, had actually been beaten into such a miserable appearance!

All of the martial artists present gulped, their throats violently spasming. Even if Situ Yaoyue were to reach the Divine Sea in the future, she would never be able to erase the humiliation of today. In front of everyone’s watching eyes, she had been pounded into the ground by Lin Ming as if she were nothing more than a stake.

After the battle reached this state, victory and defeat were almost decided. But, Lin Ming had no intention of showing tender mercy or compassion. He grasped his red spear, poured energy into it and smashed yet again!


All of the crushed stones on the ground blew up like a fountain. Situ Yaoyue gave a pitiful cry as her lithe body was sent flying backwards by the tremendous impact force. She vomited a large mouthful of blood.

Flying back in the air, she no longer had the least bit of strength left. Now that the Great Desolate Blood Halberd had lost the controlling support of energy, it fell to the floor.


The 10 foot long blood halberd struck the ground, causing a massive 200 foot wide hole to appear. All of the surrounding rock broke into countless shards!

And Situ Yaoyue’s entire body was covered with blood. She looked like a sack of boneless meat within the rubble, limp and unmoving, near the point of death.

Seeing such a result, all of the martial artists who watched the battle were left speechless in complete shock. As they looked at Lin Ming, who was bathed in blood, words like cruel, ruthless, vicious, tyrannical, and such all appeared far too pale and weak to describe him!

By using his powerful bodily strength to forcefully beat Situ Yaoyue until she didn’t have an unbroken bone in her body, this scene was far more shocking than those magnificent and gorgeous exchanges with true essence! Moreover, what was most incredible was that the weapon Situ Yaoyue used was the weapon that could crush a mountain, the Great Desolate Blood Halberd!

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