Chapter 860 – Great Desolate Blood Halberd

Chapter 860 – Great Desolate Blood Halberd

The so-called thunder spirit body, fire spirit body and water spirit body, those were in truth not special physiques, but rather what some geniuses were called when they had an extremely high talent in one of the five main elements. In terms of physicality, they weren’t that different from someone ordinary.

As for the Ancient Phoenix Saint Body, that was completely different. That was a divine body that had once existed in the Sky Spill Continent during ancient times.

Although the history of the Sky Spill Continent from 100,000 years ago and further back was missing, there were still some glorious family clans with a long legacy that had managed to obtain some ruined jade slips or carved stones from ancient times, and had thus obtained minor understandings of the situation back then.

According to the available records, in the Sky Spill Continent of 100,000 years ago, that was when warlords and rivals all rose up together, with countless peerless heroes filling the land. The so-called Ancient Phoenix Saint Body was a physique that came from a special family clan. In terms of comprehending the Fire Laws, they excelled far more than everyone else on the continent. They could also summon a flame phoenix phantom and other such miracles that Lin Ming was performing right now.

Of course, no one could tell if these stories were true or false, and only a minor number of those present had heard these legends....

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