Chapter 859 – Ancient Phoenix Saint Body

Chapter 859 – Ancient Phoenix Saint Body

The Cage of Darkness covered all space for 100 miles. In the skies, endless waves of pale golden thunder still danced in the air, lingering on, a memory of that electric sword strike that seemed as if it could split apart the dome of heaven.

Everyone felt as if they were lost in a dream, waking up with nothing but hints of purple light and shadow within their pupils.

“The Sword of Judgment, he actually did it…”

Although Shibai had already expected this, he still felt it to be unbelievable. In just two months, both the Sword of Judgment and the Thunder Battleform, the two unique martial skills that the Eightfall Thunder Emperor had relied on to walk unrivalled within the world, had actually been learnt by Lin Ming.

This could no longer be described with just the word ‘talent’.

Not just that, but there was no hitch in Lin Ming’s control of these two unique skills. He was able to perfectly utilize the Concept of Thunder, skillfully manipulating the power of life and the power of death.

If Lin Ming had Situ Yaoyue’s cultivation, then even a Divine Sea Supreme Elder would perish under his hands.

Unfortunately, he was only at the peak of the first stage of Life Destruction, and the result of this was that he was being tightly suppressed by Situ Yaoyue. In that...

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