Chapter 858 – Cage of Darkness

Chapter 858 – Cage of Darkness


As Situ Yaoxi saw Situ Yaoyue’s shoulder covered in blood, she instantly felt her heart tighten. The talent Situ Yaoyue displayed was rarely seen in a thousand years in the Asura Divine Kingdom. She was their greatest hope to lead and nurture the next generation! More importantly, she was a direct descendant of the Situ Family Clan, not like Situ Luosha whose main bloodline came from the Ancient Profound Hawk Clan, and whose only relation with the Situ Family Clan was his last name.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that Situ Yaoyue’s value to the Asura Divine Kingdom far surpassed 2-3 Divine Sea Supreme Elders. To Situ Yaoxi, Situ Yaoyue was her lifeblood.

“That little beast actually dared to harm Yaoyue! Once he falls into my hands I’ll tear out his bones and slice his tendons!”

Situ Yaoxi’s words trembled with anger as she continued to viciously curse Lin Ming. This was the only way to vent the anger in her heart.

She was also very nervous now. Once Situ Yaoyue lost, the consequences would be disastrous!

“No, it’s impossible, absolutely impossible! After Yaoyue’s Extreme Violet Domain is broken she can release it again. But that little beast Lin Lanjian should have paid a deep price to do so; his injuries must be greater than Yaoyue’s!” Situ...

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