Chapter 857 – A Bitter Fight

Chapter 857 – A Bitter Fight

Behind Lin Ming, the golden python had clearly dimmed down, and its golden pupils were looking at that black sea with a hint of fear.

“If you cannot break my Extreme Violet Domain, then all of your moves will be swallowed by my God Burying Sea!” Situ Yaoyue was already smirking as if she had won. The Extreme Violet Domain was the ability she was the most proud of within her repertoire. “This time it’s my turn to attack!”

Situ Yaoyue raised her high-grade heaven-step spear high in the air. A blood red light directly impacted into the sky, like a column that supported the heavens. The bright red demon moon above the God Burying Sea became even brighter, incandescent, as if it had been lit on fire. Energy surged into Situ Yaoyue’s entire body as if she had become one with the sea behind her. Her aura was like a surging like a tsunami, boundlessly majestic like a great mountain!

Demon Moon Seal!

The blood moon suddenly dropped down, appearing right behind Situ Yaoyue. Her clothes dance in the air and her black hair fluttered like 3000 threads of silk, making her appear like a moon goddess. However, this beautiful scene was unable to stir up even the slightest appreciation from the crowd. This was because Situ Yaoyue’s dominant killing intent was nearly sharp enough to cut off one’s fires of life.

Situ Yaoyue slashed out with her spear. With a surge of energy, that round blood moon shot towards Lin Ming. As it flew forwards, it was like the sky split apart in its awake. The array formation that supported the mountain peak was split apart like tofu, rumbling and crumbling to the ground.

Facing this strike, Lin Ming revolved his energy to the limit. The Heretical God Sprout...

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