Chapter 856 – Extreme Violet Domain, Demon Moon Illuminating the Sky

Chapter 856 – Extreme Violet Domain, Demon Moon Illuminating the Sky

In the 100 mile wide area, Lin Ming and Situ Yaoyue were only standing 200 feet apart in the air. To a top master, this distance wouldn’t even take the blink of an eye to cross.

Once the two fought, this would absolutely be an earthshaking event!

“Back away, everyone back away! Retreat several dozen miles or else you might be affected!” A sect Elder began to direct the young elites of his sect to withdraw.

Although they all hoped to be closer, the martial artists present knew just how serious the gravity of the situation was, and they all retreated together, not stopping until they were over 20 miles away. They stood there, breath abated, their sight completely concentrated on the movements of the two as they anticipated the violent and raging fight that could erupt at any moment.

This battle was simply too exciting. It would be the greatest battle in the Sky Spill Continent for the last 1000 years, a soul stirring, blood boiling battle that was more breathtaking than a duel between Divine Sea Supreme Elders.


With the ring of the great bell, Lin Ming and Situ Yaoyue still didn’t move. They kept their distance of 200 feet, both of them looking down on the other.

Situ Yaoyue’s armor was covered...

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