Chapter 855 Yaoyue Fights

Chapter 855 – Yaoyue Fights

In the Sky Spill Continent, an Emperor level powerhouse was only a title, not a true name for a cultivation realm. When a martial artist had reached a certain level of strength, they would then be recognized as an Emperor level powerhouse. Although there was a massive disparity between Life Destruction and the Divine Sea, there were still some heaven-gifted individuals who could contend with a Divine Sea powerhouse at only the Life Destruction realm.

Such a person would equally be able to obtain the title of Emperor powerhouse.

In particular, there were eighth stage Life Destruction martial artists. These were extremely rare and precious talents whose strength far surpassed all other martial artists at their level. After crossing Life Destruction eight times, they might even be more powerful than an early Divine Sea powerhouse.

“Senior Good Fortune, are you saying that Lin Lanjian will be able to cross eight stages of Life Destruction?” Thinking about it, Lin Ming being able to cross Life Destruction eight times was well within reason. But, it was just that since ancient times, there were less than a handful of Divine Sea powerhouses who had crossed Life Destruction eight times. This caused Fairy Snow Gale to feel as if this were all very unreal, like a dream itself.

The Nine Furnace Highest Divine Emperor and the Sublime Smelting Imperial Grand Uncle, and even Old Man Good Fortune himself had only crossed seven stages of Life Destruction. For the last 100,000 years, every eighth stage Life Destruction Divine Sea Supreme Elder had become the highest under the heavens. However, the highest under the heavens wasn’t necessarily an eighth stage Life Destruction Divine Sea martial artist.

For instance, the most recent highest under the heavens was Emperor Shakya, who had crossed seven stages of Life Destruction.

Emperor Shakya’s strength lay in his comprehension of seven different martial intents, and then fusing these seven different martial intents together. With these seven martial intents combined with his seven stages of Life Destruction, he had reached enlightenment under a Bodhi tree and had finally broken through the martial void.

In terms of the power of his spirit body, Emperor Shakya far surpassed that of the Eightfall Thunder Emperor.

Normally, an Emperor level talent had one or two aspects that they could claim to be the best in within the entire continent. Those that excelled in three or four aspects could be called the rarest talents within the world, someone who would eventually become the highest under the heavens.

And Lin Ming was certainly this case. It was simply impossible to find out where his flaw was. He had lasting endurance, formidable strength, extreme speed, an incomparably solid foundation, as well a profound understanding of Concepts and Laws. As long as Lin Ming could cross eight stages of Life Destruction then he would be unrivalled in this world!

At this time, atop the Asura Divine Kingdom’s Godspeed Boat, Situ Haotian was indifferently standing there. In front of him, the wounded Situ Luosha was kneeling.

“You may leave…” Situ Haotian waved his hand and then took a deep breath. The situation had eventually taken a turn for the worst scenario possible.

Now, he only had one card left in his hand.

That was Situ Yaoyue.

He couldn’t help but acknowledge that of the 22 masters that he had sent to battle, besides Situ Luosha playing a minor role, all of the rest had died in vain.

“Luosha, this will be your life’s greatest obstacle. Pass it, and you will reach the Divine Sea. Fail, and you will be forever stranded as you are!”

The best chance for a martial artist to attack the Divine Sea realm was before they were 100 years old. If they couldn’t accomplish this then their chances of success would lower more and more with every following year. After they reached 200 years of age, it was basically impossible for them to ever hope of breaking through on their own.

Then, if they still wished to step into the Divine Sea, their only chance would be to go out and adventure for their own lucky chance and use that lucky chance to make their breakthrough.

This sort of lucky chance was certainly not easy to find. But since ancient times, there had been countless Life Destruction powerhouses in the Sky Spill Continent, and some of them were sure to find their own lucky chances. As long as one found a good enough lucky chance, a fifth stage or even fourth stage Life Destruction martial artist could also break into the Divine sea.

In fact, within the Sky Spill Continent, there weren’t that many less fifth stage Life Destruction Divine Sea powerhouses than there were sixths stage Life Destruction Divine Sea powerhouses.

Of course, their strengths were on two completely different levels.

Situ Luosha still had 20-30 years to make his breakthrough. For Lin Ming to defeat him here was truly a great setback to him. If he failed to overcome the heart demon of Lin Ming then he would fail any breakthrough he attempted. But, if he could overcome his heart demons, then he might experience a nirvana of the soul, and step even further on his road of martial arts.

Situ Luosha clenched his fists and silently withdrew.

Then, a young woman wearing black armor and with very slender legs slowly walked forwards. She kneeled in front of Situ Haotian and requested, “Your Majesty, please allow Yaoyue to go to battle!”

Looking at Situ Yaoyue, the Asura Divine Emperor helplessly shook his head. He was silent for a while before sighing, saying, “I never thought that I would ultimately have to place all my hopes on you. It seems that everything done before this only had a limited effect…”

If he had to come up with any effect that the 20 slaughter puppets and the red-clothed little boy had, that would be that they had discovered Lin Lanjian’s abnormal endurance.

This could at least be given as good advice to Situ Yaoyue.

“Yaoyue, you must remember not to engage him in an extended battle. Your endurance is far inferior to his!”

Situ Haotian was very clear that if Yaoyue had fought those 22 battles, although she could win, her consumption of energy would have been enormous. In this aspect alone, she had no way of comparing with Lin Ming.

“Yaoyue understands!”

Above the arena stage, Lin Ming’s white clothes were still as spotless as before. He flew proud and high in the wind, naturally revealing an aura as if he defied the heavens. At this time, he seemed to have become one with the world itself.

After defeating Situ Luosha with absolute superiority, all of the martial artists began to look at him with awe in their eyes.

This was a peerless talent! In the future, it was extremely likely he would become the master of the entire Sky Spill Continent!

“Even Situ Luosha has lost! He was a peak Destiny Decree powerhouse and had never used that Ancient Profound Hawk bloodline of his either! The Destiny Decree had never accurately ranked him, but I think that with Situ Luosha’s strength, he could at least rank seventh or eighth on the Destiny Decree!”

“The Asura Divine Kingdom’s background is already so strong and yet they can’t withstand such a monstrous genius like Lin Lanjian!”

The slaughter puppets that the Asura Divine Kingdom had put out were definitely one of their killing moves. Even a top 10 ranked Destiny Decree master would find themselves exhausted in a revolving battle. However, they had actually been useless against Lin Ming.

“The Asura Divine Kingdom is in danger. It seems more likely they will lose this battle. It might even be possible that they no longer have any other cards to play!”

With events having reached this step, more and more people favored Lin Ming. After defeating Situ Luosha with such massive superiority, Lin Ming absolutely had the qualifications to place in the top three ranks of the Destiny Decree.

As everyone was talking, a young woman flew off from the Asura Godspeed Boat.

This woman was extremely tall; not any shorter than Lin Ming. She wore a set of black armor, an extremely exquisite and delicate work that wrapped around her chest, shoulders, and waist, revealing a pair of creamy and thick thighs.

This woman flew until she was only 200 feet away from Lin Ming before stopping there. Fluttering high in the air, her black hair danced in the wind. Her perfect skin seemed as if it were carved from jade, and her bright pupils were a pale red, as if they were twin blood moons. Her bright red lips were curved up, revealing a devilish charm. She was gorgeous and fascinating, making all others seem inferior.

This woman…

As all of the heroes saw Situ Yaoyue, they were surprised. At first glance, Situ Yaoyue looked like a fairy from heaven. But looking closer, she resembled a demonic immortal seductress that had escaped from the nine nether hells. Her smile revealed an evil killing intent, as if her looks could kill!

“That woman is horrifying!”

There were many heroic young elites present that couldn’t help but shiver in fear. Normally, such a stunning beauty that could bring a kingdom to its knees would have these heroic young elites dreaming and fantasizing about her in their minds. But facing Situ Yaoyue, they couldn’t stir up the least bit of courage to do so. It was like they were afraid that she would see through their thoughts and they would draw a calamity onto themselves.

“What is her cultivation? I can’t see!”

A Life Destruction martial artist said, bewildered. He was a first stage Life Destruction martial artist and yet he couldn’t see through Situ Yaoyue’s cultivation. How could he not be surprised?

“Seventh stage Life Destruction…”

Beside him, a sect Elder deeply sighed. This era of juniors was simply too fearful. This magnificent woman with her seventh stage Life Destruction cultivation would surely step into the Divine Sea in the future. Perhaps she would become an existence nearing that of the Nine Furnace Highest Divine Emperor! Compared to such a character, he was only like a dim flame next to her radiant woman; there was just no comparison.

“Seventh stage Life Destruction, heavens!” The young man who spoke before couldn’t help but exclaim in astonishment.

The most common Divine Sea Supreme Elders of the Sky Spill Continent were at the fifth or sixth stage of Life Destruction. There were only seven or eight known seventh stage Life Destruction martial artists. Of these, nearly half of them were characters approaching the highest under the heavens, and as for the other half, it was only because their cultivation was lacking. Once their cultivation stepped into the late Divine Sea realm, they too would likely become powerhouses at the rank of the Nine Furnace Highest Divine Emperor.

In fact, on the Destiny Decree issued by Destiny Grasp, the top three ranked martial artists were all at the seventh stage of Life Destruction. But, these three people had extremely special circumstances – they were already over 1000 years old. They were originally sixth stage Life Destruction martial artists that had failed to reach the Divine Sea and had then gone out to seek their own lucky chances. Finally, they didn’t manage to break into the Divine Sea but did successfully stumble their way into the seventh stage of Life Destruction. To them, this was not anything good, because a heavenly material that could help a person break through to the Divine Sea could only be used once. Using that material a second time would have nearly no effect.

As for those martial artists that had broken through to the seventh stage of Life Destruction on their own, the heroic young elites present had never heard of any. Of course, the Sublime Smelting Divine Kingdom and the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom surely had their own seventh stage Life Destruction elites. But these individuals were all being secretly trained, and none of them had ever been exposed, so no one knew of them.

As of now, Situ Yaoyue was the first of these hidden elites that had been exposed. She was a peak talent that had relied on her own strength to break into the seventh stage of Life Destruction.

She was likely even more powerful than the first three ranked masters of the Destiny Decree!

Everyone knew that the Asura Divine Kingdom’s background was formidable and they had hidden masters, but no one knew what degree of strength these hidden masters had. They could only make vague guesses without basis. They had all thought that Lin Ming had more or less won, but now it seemed as if Lin Ming was the one in danger instead!

“All those that can arrive at the seventh stage of Life Destruction are peak talents originally, and Lin Lanjian is six small boundaries away. The disparity is just too great!”

Jumping boundaries to fight was not new or terrifying. Since ancient times there had always been Life Destruction talents capable of fighting Divine Sea martial artists. But, what was horrifying was when those they fought were similarly geniuses!

Thus, was there any chance that Lin Ming could win?

All of the martial artists couldn’t help but have these doubts. To them, Situ Yaoyue was like an unreachable mountain peak, impossible to overcome!

Shibai also felt his palms go wet with sweat. He never imagined that the Asura Divine Kingdom’s final card would be so terrifying.

Lin Ming was in a crisis!

“Although you just fought with Luosha and immediately fighting you may be a bit unfair, I will not go the least bit easy on you just because of that.” A devilish smile still hung on Situ Yaoyue’s face. As she slowly spoke, her voice was misty and alluring, like a siren from legends that could cause fleets of sailors to be lost in illusion.

“I also do not need a woman to go easy on me.” Lin Ming calmly replied, his voice signaling his sharp opposition.

“Ha! How interesting!”

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