Chapter 855 – Yaoyue Fights

Chapter 855 – Yaoyue Fights

In the Sky Spill Continent, an Emperor level powerhouse was only a title, not a true name for a cultivation realm. When a martial artist had reached a certain level of strength, they would then be recognized as an Emperor level powerhouse. Although there was a massive disparity between Life Destruction and the Divine Sea, there were still some heaven-gifted individuals who could contend with a Divine Sea powerhouse at only the Life Destruction realm.

Such a person would equally be able to obtain the title of Emperor powerhouse.

In particular, there were eighth stage Life Destruction martial artists. These were extremely rare and precious talents whose strength far surpassed all other martial artists at their level. After crossing Life Destruction eight times, they might even be more powerful than an early Divine Sea powerhouse.

“Senior Good Fortune, are you saying that Lin Lanjian will be able to cross eight stages of Life Destruction?” Thinking about it, Lin Ming being able to cross Life Destruction eight times was well within reason. But, it was just that since ancient times, there were less than a handful of Divine Sea powerhouses who had crossed Life Destruction eight times. This caused Fairy Snow Gale to feel as if this were all very unreal, like a dream itself.

The Nine Furnace Highest Divine Emperor and the Sublime Smelting...

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