Chapter 854 – Admitting Defeat

Chapter 854 – Admitting Defeat

On the sheared and shattered mountain peak, Situ Luosha knelt on the ground. His entire body was covered in blood and he was barely supporting himself with his black long spear. He looked up, his stubborn eyes locked onto Lin Ming.

Even though he had been severely wounded, his eyes were still burning with a brilliant and fiery fighting spirit, unwilling to concede.

Or perhaps it was because conceding was also insignificant. Because… this was a life or death struggle!

Lin Ming waved his long spear and pointed the top towards Situ Luosha’s forehead. Although he had a decent impression of this Situ Luosha and they had no previous enmity, in this life or death battle, Lin Ming had no intention of showing empathy or compassion to his enemies.

As a martial artist of the Asura Divine Kingdom, Situ Luosha was already destined to be his enemy. To show benevolence to the enemy was to be cruel to himself. If Situ Luosha had won this fight, then Lin Ming’s fate would have been to suffer a life worse than death.

Spear light surged. A faint trace of pale gold thunder sizzled on Lin Ming’s spearpoint.

Situ Luosha also stood up. Behind him, over 30% of the thousands of Blood Drinking Seals broke apart, covering his entire body in a blood fog once again.

This was likely to be their last clash. But, the victor of this...

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