Chapter 853 – The Glory of Thunder

Chapter 853 – The Glory of Thunder

The Thunder Battleform was a lucky chance the Eightfall Thunder Emperor found within the Sea of Miracles. It was a thunder-attribute cultivation method found from ancient ruins that no one else had been capable of entering.

Following the Eightfall Thunder Emperor, there were a quite a few thunder-attribute martial artists that came from the Forsaken God Clan. Some of them even had a thunder-attribute Support Sphere. However, they were only able to obtain a very small amount of harvests from meditating on the Thunder Concept jade slips that the Eightfall Thunder Emperor left behind. They found it exceedingly difficult to practice even the intermediate thunder-attribute martial skills, let alone the Thunder Battleform.

Two months ago, Shibai lent the complete set of thunder-attribute jade slips the Eightfall Thunder Emperor left behind to Lin Ming, adding it to the Thunder Concept jade slips that Lin Ming already had. His intention had been to let Lin Ming grasp some of the basic techniques to control thunder as soon as possible in order to increase his own strength.

He never imagined that Lin Ming would focus most of his energy on the two strongest cultivation methods of the Eightfall Thunder Emperor – Thunder Battleform and Sword of Judgment. He worried that Li Ming had been to ambitious,...

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