Chapter 852 – Fighting Situ Luosha

Chapter 852 – Fighting Situ Luosha

The entire arena was already wrecked beyond repair. The sheared mountain top was crisscrossed with fissures that were several miles long and hundreds of feet deep. If it wasn’t for the Asura Divine Kingdom’s array formation supporting the entire area, then this place would have long collapsed into the ground.

Ruined meat, blood, and bits of organs were scattered all over the place. There were some corpses that weren’t even taken away because of how miserable their deaths had been.

The entire arena was filled with the strong acrid smell of blood.

However, the shaft of Lin Ming’s spear was not stained with blood and his clothes didn’t even have the slightest bit of damage. His white clothes were as clean as fresh snow. He fluttered high and proud above the arena, his clothes waving in the wind and his hair flying in the air.

His expression was light and breezy, as if he wasn’t even worried about this life or death battle. With his handsome, jade-like looks and his leisurely manner, he was extraordinary and refined, like an immortal cavalier exiled from the heavens.

Within the seamless heaven and earth, the ethereal and elegant Lin Ming stood high above the bloody arena that resembled an Asura slaughter field. This sharp...

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