Chapter 851 – Luosha’s Determination

Chapter 851 – Luosha’s Determination

As Situ Bai saw Situ Luosha volunteer, he suddenly let out a deep breath of relief, nearly collapsing to the floor.

Sometimes, when a martial artist faced a life or death situation, their attitude might veer towards one of two extremes. One would be a desperado, not fearing death nor danger. They would mostly come from poorer backgrounds and rely on this sort of character to grasp lucky chances, finally arriving at a higher boundary.

And then there were those that treasured their own life. These types of people would often come from large sects and would have enjoyed endless resources since childhood. They had already developed an inherent sense of superiority so how would they be willing to die?

Situ Bai was the latter. As a martial artist at his level, he had a life that would be several thousand years long. For as long as he wanted he could enjoy a life more luxurious than that of any mortal king of this world, enough to satisfy for a hundred lifetimes. Thus, he cherished his life, and this was also the reason that he found Situ Haotian’s eyes so unbearable.


Situ Haotian’s cold cough fell like thunder in Situ Bai’s ears. Situ Bai shook and he was nearly knocked to the floor.

Situ Bai would rather be called garbage by Situ Haotian or disappoint him than...

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