Chapter 849 – Without Equal

Chapter 849 – Without Equal

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Five Poison King quickly laid down his array. In the blink of an eye, a purple fog emerged from the ground and completely enveloped him. This purple fog was Five Poison King’s special defensive array formation that contained his particular poisonous true essence. If a martial artist broke through this array formation, then even if they had bodily protective true essence, as long as they were touched by this purple fog then the poison would sneak into their body and injure them.

“You also don’t seem afraid of death?”

Lin Ming walked forwards, one step at a time.

Five Poison King quickly laid down a second array formation and another layer of purple fog appeared, making the defense even tighter. He said without emotion, “We are already dead. As long as we can wound you, that is enough to bring luck to our descendants.”

“So that’s how it is…”

As his voice fell, a shimmer of cold light suddenly burst out from Lin Ming’s eyes. It looked as if he took a single casual step forwards, but several miles disappeared underneath his feet, making it seem as if he had teleported past the poison arrays. The two poisonous gas array formations that Five Poison King laid down weren’t able to hinder him in the least.

With Lin Ming’s current understanding into the Concept of...

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