Chapter 848 – Five Poison King

Chapter 848 – Five Poison King

As the martial artists present stared at the dusty sky filled with stone powder, all of their eyes widened, shocked speechless.

The spear had pierced through Yaksha King’s two moves as well as his body. Not just that, but there was so much power left over that the spear had shot through a mountain, creating a massive tunnel through it and a cloud of dust to fill the sky. Just what kind of freakish strength was this?!

This was a treasure weapon that was thrown! It had an extremely limited amount of true essence within it!

And looking at Yaksha King on the ground again, even though he had disregarded all costs to transform his body with demonic path techniques, making it so that he was as tough as a low-grade heaven-step treasure, he was still torn apart by that shot, as if he had been quartered to pieces.

Yaksha King’s death was too sudden. Many of the lower cultivation martial artists didn’t even have time to react. The entire battle had only lasted for a few blinks of the eye. That Yaksha King who could be ranked 200 on the Destiny Decree, and could possibly contend with a rank 170-180 master because of his various transformations, had actually been instantly killed by Lin Ming’s spear.

And this spear had been thrown!

Throughout this entire process, not...

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