Chapter 848 Five Poison King

Chapter 848 – Five Poison King

As the martial artists present stared at the dusty sky filled with stone powder, all of their eyes widened, shocked speechless.

The spear had pierced through Yaksha King’s two moves as well as his body. Not just that, but there was so much power left over that the spear had shot through a mountain, creating a massive tunnel through it and a cloud of dust to fill the sky. Just what kind of freakish strength was this?!

This was a treasure weapon that was thrown! It had an extremely limited amount of true essence within it!

And looking at Yaksha King on the ground again, even though he had disregarded all costs to transform his body with demonic path techniques, making it so that he was as tough as a low-grade heaven-step treasure, he was still torn apart by that shot, as if he had been quartered to pieces.

Yaksha King’s death was too sudden. Many of the lower cultivation martial artists didn’t even have time to react. The entire battle had only lasted for a few blinks of the eye. That Yaksha King who could be ranked 200 on the Destiny Decree, and could possibly contend with a rank 170-180 master because of his various transformations, had actually been instantly killed by Lin Ming’s spear.

And this spear had been thrown!

Throughout this entire process, not even the hem of Lin Ming’s robes was touched. He had consumed only an insignificant amount of strength and true essence. The disparity was just too great.

“This is really surprising, the fabled silver battle spirit… is stronger than I imagined!” On the large jade ship, Fairy Snow Gale sighed with emotion. She was extremely envious towards this sort of strength.

“Haha, Little Snow, you’re only 2000 years old. Once you temper your will some more perhaps you’ll be able to achieve it.” Near Fairy Snow Gale, Old Man Good Fortune congenially smiled.

“Senior’s joke is funny. This junior only comprehended a battle spirit at the Divine Sea realm. I really do have no talent in this aspect. In my life, If I can reach small success bronze or large success bronze, that will already be a stroke of luck for me. As for perfect bronze or even the legendary silver, this junior doesn’t dare to think about that.” Fairy Snow Gale smiled as she spoke. Although her words were humble, she wasn’t too far off. It was far too difficult to grow one’s battle spirit.

“Haha, don’t underestimate yourself. But really, this little fellow Lin Lanjian is truly a rare heaven gifted talent. Not only does he have a silver battle spirit but his understandings into the Concepts and Laws are also startling. Besides the power in that spear just now, the reason it was able to strike Yaksha King was that it contained the Concept of Time. For him to fuse the mysterious and elusive Concept of Time into a spear that left his hand, that is indeed uncommon!”

Once a weapon left the hand, there were far too many disadvantages. Not only could the trajectory be predicted and dodged, but the Concept and Laws poured within would also be hindered. Lin Ming’s spear had caused the flow of time around Yaksha King to slow down for the briefest of moments, but that was already enough time to kill him. The spear he threw was just far too quick.

Fairy Snow Gale could clearly see the admiration and interest on Old Man Good Fortune’s face, causing her mind to stir. Could it be that Old Man Good Fortune was thinking of sheltering Lin Lanjian, or even receiving him as a disciple? If that were true, then there really wasn’t anything the Asura Divine Kingdom would be able to do to him anymore!

It had to be known that Old Man Good Fortune’s strength easily surpassed any Divine Sea powerhouse within the Asura Divine Kingdom. The Asura Divine Palace had an ancient great array so that Old Man Good Fortune couldn’t break his way in, but outside of that, 80-90% of the Asura Divine Kingdom’s Divine Sea powerhouses wouldn’t even be able to escape from Old Man Good Fortune’s hands!

Fairy Snow Gale came from the White Clan so she was very happy to see someone that didn’t come from the four Divine Kingdoms become the highest under the heavens. The birth of that sort of powerhouse would affect the stability of the Sky Spill Continent’s central region, creating a chance for her family clan to benefit. Of course, if Old Man Good Fortune was really intending on protecting Lin Lanjian, then being able to form good relations with him through Old Man Good Fortune was even better.


As Fairy Snow Gale had all sorts of small thoughts running through her mind, Situ Bonan’s expression actually became gloomy like water. He had personally transformed this Yaksha King over a thousand years ago, and now he had been defeated so easily! This damned Yaksha King hadn’t even been able to touch the hem of Lin Ming’s clothes!

He wanted to pull out Lin Ming’s soul and refine his marrow, but now his plans had suffered repeated setbacks again and again!

Situ Haotian’s eyebrows wrinkled together. In order ensure absolute, 100% victory, he had already arranged a good number of people to fight Lin Ming and wear him down in this revolving battle. But now, that slaughter puppet that had cost a massive amount of wealth to retain was actually killed by a single spear strike. In comparison, Lin Ming didn’t even seem to be the least bit tired. This caused a sudden sense of unease to appear in his heart.

Every slaughter puppet was a great wealth of their Divine Kingdom. Even though they had a deep background, they still couldn’t afford to consume resources like this.

This was the result Lin Ming desired through killing Yaksha King with absolute superiority. Although his endurance was monstrous, he still didn’t believe he could go through an unlimited number of opponents in this revolving battle. He wanted the Asura Divine Kingdom to feel fear, he wanted every Life Destruction martial artist who stepped onstage to feel fear!

Fear to the point that they no longer dared to try wearing down his endurance.

“How could it be possible that a thrown long spear could be so powerful!?” Situ Bonan gnashed through his teeth. He had summed up the power of the long spear as being from the silver battle spirit; he hadn’t considered Lin Ming’s physical body strength at all.

“If a silver battle spirit is already so strong then only the heavens will know what this little beast’s battle spirit will grow to once he breaks through to the Divine Sea! This little beast absolutely cannot be allowed to live!”

Situ Yaoxi echoed from the side.

At this time, Situ Yaoyue stepped forwards. She softly said, “Your Majesty, please permit me to fight him. An ordinary slaughter puppet simply isn’t Lin Lanjian’s opponent. And I do not wish to use such a dishonorable method to consume his strength. I wish to fight Lin Lanjian in a battle when both of us are in our peak states. Only such a victory will be able to carve that winning faith into my heart and help me lay down the foundation for attacking a higher boundary in the future. I hope that Your Majesty will grant me this.”

Situ Yaoyue and the others had all been able to see everything clearly from within the Godspeed Boat. Her words were filled with a firm confidence and determination. With her seventh stage Life Destruction cultivation as well as her Extreme Violet Dantian, she didn’t feel that the current strength Lin Ming displayed was any threat to her at all. Of course, she also guessed that Lin Ming hadn’t shown his full hand yet. To be able to fight against such an eternally rare talent, she was truly looking forwards to this. As a proud and haughty genius, Situ Yaoyue didn’t wish to use a revolving battle of attrition to wear him down in order to gain victory. To win this way was nothing but a kind of insult to her.

Situ Haotian frowned upon hearing Situ Yaoyue’s words. He slowly and clearly said, “Yaoyue, you are nearly certain to become the successor to the imperial throne of my Asura Divine Kingdom. Every word you speak, every action you take, all of that is related to the future of my Asura Divine Kingdom. Your life now no longer belongs to just you. The Asura Divine Kingdom has trained you, spending countless resources to do so, and yet you want to engage in your so-called fair battle and use the future of the Divine Kingdom and your own life as a bet? Do you know what price we have to pay if we lost this battle?”

Situ Haotian’s words became louder and more severe as he spoke. Although he didn’t believe that Lin Ming could defeat Situ Yaoyue, it was best to be careful. If Situ Yaoyue were to perish here, then that was absolutely an immeasurably great loss that the Asura Divine Kingdom would not be able to afford!

The Asura Divine Kingdom possessed several Divine Sea powerhouses. But, the truth was that the greatest factor of a Divine Kingdom’s strength was not their number of Divine Sea powerhouses, but the strength of the peak Divine Sea powerhouse they possessed!

The reason that the Sublime Smelting Divine Kingdom and the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom could stand in front of the Asura Divine Kingdom and the Seven Star Divine Kingdom was because the Sublime Smelting Divine Kingdom had their Imperial Grand Uncle and the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom had their Highest Divine Emperor. Both of them were existences close to being the highest under the heavens!

Although Situ Haotian had used the title of highest under the heavens to encourage Situ Yaoyue, he didn’t have any hopes that she would actually become the highest under the heavens. That was simply too unrealistic a goal, unless she managed to come across some unbelievable lucky chance. But, she had hopes of becoming someone close to being the highest under the heavens. When that happened, the Asura Divine Kingdom would rise in status once more and they would be able to obtain a greater portion of the resources from the Sea of Miracles.

Situ Yaoyue’s life was worth more than two ordinary Divine Sea Supreme Elders. Not to mention if they lost this battle and couldn’t kill Lin Ming, then it would be difficult to withstand the price they would have to pay in the future.

“Yes, Your Majesty. Yaoyue was wrong.”

Although she was unwilling in her heart, Situ Yaoyue could only obey.

“Continue to send out the slaughter puppets! Everything we’ve saved up is for is for a day like this! Regardless, a national war won’t erupt any time soon. Compared to the price of losing this battle, some puppets are nothing at all!”

Situ Bonan clenched his teeth. Even a lion had to use its full force to capture a rabbit. In this battle they had already planned to use their slaughter puppets and then Imperial Scholars in order to ensure absolute victory!

“Humph, he might not be injured, but that powerful attack just now might have been some specialized martial skill. He must have used a great amount of strength there. This time we will bring out a stronger puppet! I want to see just how long this little beast can last!”

The might behind Lin Ming’s spear was far too extraordinary. Situ Yaoxi didn’t believe Lin Ming had easily shot out that spear. Since they had already laid down their cards, Situ Yaoxi would not back down. She vowed to continue this to the end and consume as much of Lin Ming’s strength as possible.

“Five Poison King, go!”

Situ Bonan ordered.

“Yes!” The Five Poison King was a thin old man with a sallow face, covered all over with age spots. When a martial artist cultivated to Life Destruction they simply wouldn’t have age spots. But, these age spots on the Five Poison King were left behind by poisons. His entire body was simply a giant container of poison.

On the arena stage, Lin Ming’s spear had already been retrieved by a deacon from the Forsaken God Clan. This red spear’s toughness had reached the standard of a high-grade heaven-step treasure. There was absolutely no worry that he would damage it.

In this period of time, Lin Ming had already opened the Gate of Healing and completely restored all the strength and true essence he had consumed, reaching his peak condition once again. The amount of energy he had consumed wasn’t much to begin with.

Five Poison King and Lin Ming were several miles away from each other. To a mortal, such a far distance would make their opponent look like the size of a little bean in their sight. But to a martial artist, this distance was just a short sprint.

And this sprint time was to give Five Poison King some room to react. He obviously feared that strange spear that Lin Ming had thrown just now. As long as Five Poison King was struck by that spear, he didn’t believe he had any chance of surviving.

Quickly wrapping himself with true essence, Five Poison King hastily took out several black array flags and laid down a poison array. As a poison master and an array master, he could display his strongest combat strength by combining the two. By staying in this array formation he could both attack and defend.

As Lin Ming saw Five Poison King’s extremely cautious movements, he smiled. Did this old fellow really think he was safe?

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