Chapter 847 – A World Stunning Spear

Chapter 847 – A World Stunning Spear

The terror of a slaughter puppet was not only their lack of fear in the face of death, but also their powerful physical defensive power. They had gone through all sorts of transformations to eliminate their ability to sense pain and could burn their life potential at any moment, giving them a high endurance.

In a sense, they resembled corpse devils that did not feel pain nor know exhaustion. Even if one was stronger than them, it would require a massive amount of energy to kill them, possibly being injured in the process.

“Yaksha King, go and have some fun with that little beast!”

Situ Bonan ruthlessly smiled. Although he didn’t expect Yaksha King to defeat Lin Ming, it was still enough to consume his strength and wipe that snotty and insufferably arrogant smirk off of his face.

This type of slaughter puppet would not need to block attacks, only exchanging attacks head on in the cruelest manner possible. If Lin Ming were to confront this slaughter puppet head on then his fate could be imagined.

Although Yaksha King was a puppet, he still had his own mind and thoughts. He looked towards Lin Ming like a beast towards his prey, his eyes filled with a greedy and brutish light.

He had been sealed up until now, so he had no idea what sort of person Lin Ming was or how strong he was. Yaksha King only knew that this youth...

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