Chapter 846 Killers of the Asura Divine Kingdom

Chapter 846 – Killers of the Asura Divine Kingdom

As Situ Bonan appeared, he stared at Lin Ming like a vulture, his eyes as hard and sharp as swords. If an ordinary Life Destruction martial artist were to be caught in this stare, their back would have become wet with a cold sweat.

Lin Ming shrugged, confident. He had already expected this old monster to appear.

“You little beast, make sure you cherish the rest of your time alive. Although this is a life or death struggle, this old man will make sure to order to the juniors to keep your cheap life alive. Then, I will capture you and bring you to the Asura Divine Kingdom and show you just what it means to feel pain worse than death!”

Normally, a Divine Sea powerhouse would consider their status and not say such malignant words publicly, but as Situ Bonan reached the end of his life, his personality became increasingly eccentric and strange. He simply didn’t care about things like this.

Shibai frowned as he heard Situ Bonan’s virulent words. He was prepared to retort but Lin Ming smiled and casually said, “You old geezer, even if I didn’t destroy your wisp of battle spirit projection, you have no one to blame but yourself for being inferior in style and technique. And since you tried to chase me down through the world and failed to do so, all you can blame is your own incompetence. Now you’ve become angry from shame and actually threatened to refine my soul? Then I’ll wait for you. Let me see whether or not your disciples and followers have this ability!”

Lin Ming’s words shocked everyone present!

“What? Situ Bonan’s battle spirit projection was extinguished by Lin Lanjian?”

“I have no idea if that’s true or false. From his words, this battle should have happened before he came to the Forsaken God Clan. At that time he was only a late Revolving Core martial artist, could this even be possible!?”

All of them only knew that Lin Ming had enmity with the Asura Divine Kingdom, but they weren’t sure as to the details behind it. The deaths of the three Demon Envoys, Bi Ruyu, and the annihilation of Situ Bonan’s battle spirit projection under Lin Ming’s hands were certainly a disgraceful matter that the Asura Divine Kingdom wouldn’t want to spread out.

“Thinking of it, it really is possible. If this were a frontal confrontation then Lin Lanjian isn’t Situ Bonan’s match. But, if it were a battle of battle spirits, then how could Situ Bonan possibly compare to such an abnormal freak like Lin Lanjian!?”

“That’s right, if he could obtain a silver battle spirit at the first stage of Life Destruction, then when he was at the late Revolving Core realm he should have had at least a large success bronze battle spirit or a perfect bronze battle spirit. The manifestation of a battle spirit can cut all existence into nihility!”

Everyone quickly reacted. It was likely that what Lin Ming said was true.

Situ Bonan’s ugly expression confirmed this point. After having this old scar picked at publicly by Lin Ming, his eyes had turned blood red and he was already on the edge of storming onstage!

“Good! What a good little beast! After you fall into my hands I will have you suffer horribly for a thousand years!” Situ Bonan’s voice contained an ice cold killing intent. When a Divine Sea powerhouse revealed their killing intent, it was truly a terrifying spectacle. All of the Life Destruction martial artists within a thousand feet of him fell silent.

But Lin Ming didn’t hide the mocking smile on his lips. “1000 years? Hahaha! I called you an old geezer but do you happen to think you aren’t one? You already have half a foot into the grave, you’re nearly a corpse already. Even if I wanted to show you some pity and let you torture me a bit, just how long do you think you can still live for?”

All the surrounding martial artists shuddered as they heard Lin Ming’s fearful words.

Good heavens! Lin Ming’s words were even more vicious than Situ Bonan’s! He kept calling Situ Bonan an old geezer and poking at his words. To treat a Divine Sea Supreme Elder like this, Lin Ming’s guts were larger than the skies! Did he really think he would win? If he fell into Situ Bonan’s hands now, then his fate could be imagined!

The truth was that Lin Ming didn’t care either way. In any case he had already shed all pretense of cordiality. He didn’t mind further enraging this old Situ Bonan.

Situ Bonan was completely livid. As a man near death, what he hated the most was others mentioning just how little lifespan he had left. This was his ultimate sore spot and obsession!

If looks could kill, then Lin Ming would have died 10,000 times already.

“You little beast! I will have you know what it means to reap what you sow! I will show you the background of the Asura Divine Kingdom! There is no chance for you to win! None! You will die!” Situ Bonan’s voice trembled from his extreme rage. As he spoke, his voice became sharper and higher as he poured his true essence into it, until that final word of ‘die’ that rang out through the world like a grieving thunderclap. Everyone who heard this felt pain in their heads. Revolving Core martial artists couldn’t help but cover their ears. This sound was like a demon that snuck into their brain, making them feel uncomfortable.

“Emperor Uncle, it’s time!”

Situ Haotian looked at his own strange and violent uncle who seemed as if he was on the verge of causing a ruckus and spoke a short reminder. He was afraid that this eccentric uncle of his would make some wildly radical move and accidently harm someone that shouldn’t be harmed.

In this current situation where even Old Man Good Fortune was present, the Asura Divine Kingdom was unable to bully anyone. Once they harmed someone outside of the rules, they would have to give reasoning for that.

“Hehe, that’s right, the time is nigh! I really can’t wait for this show!” Situ Bonan licked his lips, his eyes full of a dark and ominous glint.

“I want to see just how long this little beast can be so flippant for. Yaksha King, come out!”

With Situ Bonan’s shout, a demonic-looking man with sharp and long canines left the Godspeed Boat. He held a steel trident in his hands. His skin was dark and his eyes were large like bells. No matter how one looked at it, he seemed like an evil ghost from legends.

“Jejejeje!” Yaksha King gratingly laughed, the sound harsh and unpleasant. He didn’t fear Lin Ming, but instead roared out with bravado, “Boy, I will use this steel trident to dig out your heart! Your warm heart blood… should taste quite good!”

Lin Ming stared at this evil ghost-like man in front of him, a bit puzzled.

Yaksha King?

He didn’t think that top level powerhouses like the Great Demon Envoy would enter the stage first. It was impossible that the Asura Divine Kingdom had so many martial artists of that rank. For every one of them that died in this life or death battle, that meant they would have one less. Although the Asura Divine Kingdom had to win this battle at all costs, that didn’t mean they would take a massive number of top 100 Destiny Decree ranked masters to waste Lin Ming’s strength with their lives. After all, as long as these individuals were below 80 years old, they only needed to raise them a bit more and there was a chance they would reach the Divine Sea.

This was also one of the reasons why Lin Ming had agreed to this revolving battle of attrition so easily.

But he never thought that the first person to enter the stage would be this Yaksha King that he had never heard of before. This Yaksha King’s cultivation was already at the peak of fifth stage Life Destruction and was just shy of reaching the sixth stage of Life Destruction. With his deep and profound aura, he was absolutely a top 300 ranked master of the Destiny Decree, or perhaps even in the top 200 rankings!

There was no record of this person on the Destiny Decree. Was this person one of the Asura Divine Kingdom’s hidden strengths? Just how much hidden strength did they have, and how much were they willing to waste on him to consume his strength in order to win this battle?

This question flashed through Lin Ming’s mind. But at this moment, he discovered something strange. Within the current Yaksha King in front of him, although his fires of life were vibrant, it actually seemed as if he had overdrawn his life potential. This was similar to the final radiance of a setting sun. This Yaksha King wouldn’t live much longer!

What was going on here?

As Lin Ming had these suspicions in his mind, at this moment, Shibai’s true essence sound transmission resounded in his ears. “Little Brother Lin, your situation isn’t good. If I’m not wrong, then this is a sort of slaughter puppet created through a secret demonic path technique! You’re in danger!”

“Mm? Puppet?” Lin Ming frowned. In this battle with the Asura Divine Kingdom, he had challenged all the Life Destruction martial artists of the Asura Divine Kingdom. The so-called ‘martial artist’ meant that they had to have a soul as well as self-awareness. Puppets applied if they were like Corpsemancer, martial artists who had altered themselves but still had their own souls. As for the other types of puppets, they couldn’t be considered human.

Otherwise, if a puppet technique Divine Sea Supreme Elder were to use their own puppet to deal with Lin Ming, then even if Lin Ming was stronger he would still exhaust himself to death!

“Did the Asura Divine Kingdom violate the rules?”

“No… they did not break the rules.” Shibai bitterly said, shaking his head. “This ‘Yaksha King’ is a true human with his own soul and self-awareness. But, perhaps because his life was coming to an end or because he was severely wounded, in short he was something that would soon die. The demonic path sects have a secret technique that can transform the body of a dying person, making their life potential glow in that last moment before sealing them up with a special freezing technique. When they are needed for future battles then this seal can be undone on the battlefield. Once this seal is undone, they might have at most another month to live. Because they know they will die, they will fight without fear of death. Moreover, some of them might even have a slave seal planted within them, making them brutal and ruthless, with every move overexerting their strength to take you out.

“That is, your opponent is likely someone that should have died one or two thousand years ago!”

“There is this sort of secret technique?” Lin Ming sucked in a breath of cold air. Those that practiced the righteous or orthodox path called the demonic path the misguided road. When following the demonic path, it was easy to fall into obsession, and there were even some arcane techniques that disfigured one until they didn’t seem like a human or ghost. But even so, its power was undeniably formidable!

“This secret technique has a limit. It cannot preserve an individual forever; two to three thousand years is the limit. And, the higher the cultivation of the ‘material’ is, the more resources are required to create it and the higher the failure rate is too. It is nearly impossible for this technique to work in a Divine Sea powerhouse. Thus, these types of slaughter puppets can be considered massive piles of spirit essence stones. The Asura Divine Kingdom has really laid down the capital for this fight!”

“Little Brother Lin, you must be careful. These puppets don’t have long to live so have altered themselves without scruples. In addition, they have recklessly overdrawn their life potential. Whether it is their defensive power of striking power, all of it is formidable. They are extremely difficult to deal with!”

“I see… so that’s how it is. I understand now…” Lin Ming took a deep breath, his expression calm once again.

The Asura Divine Kingdom’s secret technique was no secret. There were many Holy Lands and sects that had heard of this before. Rather, this was the background of a Divine Kingdom; it wasn’t surprising that they would take this out to deal with Lin Ming now.

It was also because of this inheritance that a Divine Kingdom had accumulated over the years, that even though all sorts of miraculous phenomena occurred when Lin Ming was crossing Life Destruction, there were still very few people that thought he would emerge from this battle victorious.

“Hehe, the Asura Divine Kingdom will definitely win this battle!”

“Of course. This doesn’t involve just the honor of the Asura Divine Kingdom but also just who owns the inheritance of the Demon Emperor. And then again, they must kill their enemy Lin Lanjian. Otherwise, the Asura Divine Kingdom will have endless troubles in the future!”

“It’s impossible to estimate the background of a Divine Kingdom. These slaughter puppets are fierce, unafraid of death, and their bodies are as tough as a heaven-step treasure. It will require a massive amount of true essence to kill one, and this is also a revolving battle. I fear that Lin Lanjian won’t be able to last until Situ Luosha steps onstage!”

“Mm, how could one look down on the 10,000 year inheritance of a Divine Kingdom. Lin Lanjian is young but he really hit the wall this time. Because of his impulsiveness, if he were to be defeated here, the price will be far too heavy for him…”

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