Chapter 845 – In Sharp Opposition

Chapter 845 – In Sharp Opposition

On the next day, morning had arrived and the dawn was just rising. Bustling sounds already covered the entire dimensional realm as groups of martial artists came out from their residences, gathering in streams of people as they walked over to where the Asura Divine Kingdom had built the arena.

These martial artists were nearly all the heroes from the Sky Spill Continent’s central region. Just from looking around, one could see Revolving Core and Life Destruction level masters everywhere. Xiantian realm martial artists were rare and Houtian realm martial artists were even lower.

After all, this was the battle that symbolized the highest level under the Divine Sea. Let alone Houtian realm martial artists, even Xiantian realm martial artists only came for fun. The attacks would be incomparably fast, and they wouldn’t even be able to see or understand the Concepts and Laws behind them. If they had come here, it was only because they were brought by their Elders to widen their horizons.

“There are truly many heroic young elites in the Sky Spill Continent. Just the four Divine Kingdoms themselves surpass our Holy Demon Continent’s super Holy Lands.”

Lan Xin flew in the sky, sighing.

Duanmu Qun nodded. He came from a Fey super Holy Land, the Divine Wood Holy Land. They could also be barely considered a quasi sixth-grade sect, but...

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