Chapter 844 – The Day of the Fated Battle

Chapter 844 – The Day of the Fated Battle

Situ Haotian moved, instantly appearing behind Situ Chuan and catching him.

He quickly examined Situ Chuan’s injuries with his perception. With the protection of the Demon God Heartguard Mirror, Lin Ming’s attack had pierced through Situ Chuan’s body, but hadn’t managed to kill him.

Even if Situ Chuan wasn’t able to display the true might of the Demon God Heartguard Mirror, he still shouldn’t have been in such a miserable situation. After all, Lin Ming didn’t use any true essence at all.

The combat strength of a silver battle spirit had truly exceeded Situ Haotian’s imagination. This sort of thing was originally something that should have existed only in the domain of legends. In the ancient texts, there were only a precious few rough and ominous descriptions of it. There had simply been no one who had ever seen it before.

Lin Ming had a silver battle spirit, extraordinary speed, super strong defensive power, an incomparably solid cultivation foundation, multiple types of high level martial intents, and even a deep understanding of Concept and Laws.

Situ Haotian broke down all of Lin Ming’s superior aspects. These were all that he knew about. Perhaps, he might have even more. With all of these factors superimposed upon each other, Lin Ming nearly had no weaknesses at all. His fearfulness lay in his all-around versatility. Every...

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