Chapter 843 – Finger as Spear

Chapter 843 – Finger as Spear

As Situ Chuan spoke, all of the present martial artists then remembered the impending battle between Lin Ming and all the Life Destruction martial artists of the Asura Divine Kingdom. Because of the shock that came from seeing all the worldly phenomena that occurred when Lin Ming crossed Life Destruction, they had nearly forgotten about this event.

They originally thought that Lin Ming would absolutely lose this battle. But now, they began to think it was worth watching. After crossing Life Destruction, just what level did Lin Ming’s true combat strength reach?

While all sorts of wonderful miracles had occurred around him, the disparity of cultivation still couldn’t be made up. Compared to the powerhouses of the Asura Divine Kingdom, there were at least five small boundaries separating them.

“I wonder how Situ Luosha is compared to Lin Ming?”

“I have no idea. Situ Luosha is rank 12 on the Destiny Decree, but that is only an estimation. After all, Situ Luosha hasn’t publicly fought in the last 10 years; no one knows just how strong he has become in that time. While Lin Lanjian’s talent is extraordinary and all sorts of phenomena occurred during his Life Destruction process, his true combat strength is still unknown. I can’t say just how the battle between them will play out.”

Phenomena did not represent absolute...

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