Chapter 840 – Forming the Spirit Body

Chapter 840 – Forming the Spirit Body

Even a ranked 250 Destiny Decree master wasn’t a worthy opponent. This monster was far too strong!

Could a heaven-step Thunder Soul be powerful to this degree?

As the surrounding low level martial artists saw the purple lion clawing and raving in the sky, they had already fled far away. They feared that they would be affected by this power of thunder and scorched into ash.

A Sovereign from a superior fifth-grade sect looked up at the Purple Lion Thunder Source in the sky, a pensive expression on his face.

“It came from the north… did it come from the Sea of Miracles?”

“What? The Sea of Miracles?”

As soon as these words were mentioned, many martial artists were shaken to the core!

That was right! Looking at the entire Sky Spill Continent, the area with the strongest thunder was only a single place. That was the Sea of Miracles, also known as the Ocean of Endless Storms!

The skies above the Sea of Miracles were always covered in dark clouds with countless flashes of lightning illuminating them. There, it wouldn’t be strange to find a heaven-step Thunder Soul at all. But in other areas, heaven-step Thunder Souls had nearly all vanished.

Currently, this purple lion in front of them was obviously an extraordinary heaven-step Thunder Soul amongst its rank....

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