Chapter 839 Purple Lion Thunder Source

Chapter 839 – Purple Lion Thunder Source

The evolution of a battle spirit wasn’t instant, but a gradual process. The spear-shaped battle spirit slowly shed its original bronze color and changed into a brilliant silver.

Time passed on. The purple Dao patterns constantly circled around that spear-shaped battle spirit, greedily absorbing all of the surrounding energy in that golden sea. This was the heaven and earth origin energy released from a top grade spirit essence stone, a heaven-step Demon God Bone, sea serpent crystals, and other such heavenly treasures; the quality was exceedingly high.

However, as this vast and terrifying energy flowed into the tiny purple Dao patterns, it actually only caused them to slightly brighten, without any change at all.

After the energy was constantly consumed by Lin Ming, the sea of energy within the Sky Lock Array also began to subside. The golden light in the skies faded, no longer being blinding to the eye. Even the golden divine thunder that flashed in the heavens began to dim down, hiding away deep within the clouds.

A moment later, the energy finally stopped moving. The mighty and overwhelming supernatural power that had shocked everyone present had finally disappeared. Everyone could clearly make out the scene within the Sky Lock Array.

Lin Ming had truly vanished. His body hadn’t even reformed.

“It’s over?”

After discovering that Lin Ming’s body had vanished, the surrounding martial artists waited for an entire hour. However, there wasn’t any turnaround.

“It’s been an hour. Did Lin Lanjian really die here?”

“Lin Lanjian’s cultivation might have really been insufficient. To use three God Transforming Pills to force his way through a breakthrough, that is simply far too risky! We can only lament that this eternally rare talent was forced into a dead end by the Asura Divine Kingdom and had to make a final gamble. However, he still fell short in the end!”

A fifth-grade sect’s Life Destruction martial artist shook his head with regret. If Lin Lanjian had been allowed to grow, then he would have inevitably blossomed into brilliance, becoming the greatest genius in the history of the Sky Spill Continent!

However, reality was reality, there were no ifs or buts.

None of the martial artists left yet. Since the high level figures didn’t depart, the low level martial artists blindly followed, milling about in the surroundings.

Watching the serene Sky Lock Array, a sect Elder sighed and said to the disciples behind him, “Crossing Life Destruction is the riskiest step. You must wait until your cultivation is solid enough before you attempt this. Otherwise, even if you are an eternally rare talent, you still have a chance of dying.”

“Yes, this disciple will remember your teachings!”

“Mm.” The old man nodded with satisfaction, no longer saying anything. At this moment, he heard a faint sound in the sky.

“Mm? What’s that?”

Not only did this old man hear this, but the others also heard it.

As the purple Dao patterns revolved around Lin Ming’s spear-shaped battle spirit, they seemed to form an attractive force towards something in the distant night skies. The sound of the Great Dao returned in bursts, like the whispers of a divine god, cold, calm, and without any emotion.

As this thrumming sound entered the ear, it made them feel a sense of awe emerge from their hearts, even making them want to fall to the ground and lie prostrate in worship.

The sound became increasingly clear. The Xiantian realm martial artists and below weren’t able to withstand this pressure and fell to their knees, feeling a faint shiver in their souls.

Everyone couldn’t help but look up. They saw that changes were occurring in the violent thunder that was rampaging across the skies. The originally quiet divine thunder seemed to have come to life once again, condensing in the air, intensifying and becoming increasingly fierce and wild like a raging tide!

The thunderclaps became increasingly loud until they were able to penetrate the clouds and crack apart stone, nearly breaking apart the eardrums of those who listened to it!

“What is happening!?!?”

All of the martial artists’ complexions changed, especially those with lower cultivations. Facing the glory of the world appearing in such a fashion, they inevitably felt the deepest part of their souls tremble.

Arcs of lightning rolled in the sky, forming a net of purple thunder. The void fiercely trembled over and over again, as if it were a fragile layer of ice about to tear apart at any moment!

Shibai was floored, “This… it’s as if the dimensional realm’s space barrier wants to…”

“That’s impossible! Even the combined force of several Divine Sea Supreme Elders cannot tear apart the stable dimensional realm space barrier!”

However, as if the heavens were answering Shibai’s doubts, the space barrier suddenly broke apart in the next moment!

It didn’t seem to be destroyed, but simply vanished! At that moment, the dimensional realm had fused with the boundless universe into one!

“Just what is this phenomenon? How could this be happening!?”

Shibai was incredulous. In the 100,000 years of the Sky Spill Continent’s recorded history, this sort of situation had never happened before.

It wasn’t just Shibai who was shocked – even the Asura Divine Emperor was surprised, with an uncertain expression on his face. Could this be…

As the Asura Divine Emperor looked into the skies, purple lines began to appear in the air. These lines seemed as if they were faint tracings of a dragon, recklessly twisting and waving around! These purple lines corresponded with the lines appearing on Lin Ming’s spear-shaped battle spirit.

These were the mysteries of heaven, a phenomenon closest to the source Laws of the universe. The space barrier of the dimensional realm simply wasn’t able to stop it.

These purple patterns began to fall downwards like a heavy mountain. The Elders Palace was unable to withstand such a great pressure and began to collapse like a sand castle!

“Retreat! Quickly retreat!”

All martial artists below Life Destruction weren’t able to withstand this majesty of heaven. They all flew back over a dozen miles, shocked speechless.

“Just what is happening? Are those flying things in the air dragons?”

“Can someone tell me whether Lin Lanjian is dead or not?”

A young martial artist dazedly asked. This was the question he was most concerned about.

“You idiot, of course he hasn’t died, otherwise how could this sort of scene occur!” The young martial artist’s master snappily replied. However, as he spoke these words, even he couldn’t confirm them. Could Lin Lanjian really have made such a tremendous scene occur?

Shibai also retreated a distance, a dignified look on his face.

He used his soul force to observe Lin Ming’s situation within the Sky Lock Array. Before this, of the energy that Lin Ming had been using to reform himself, he had absorbed all of it, whether it was the energy from the heavenly treasures or the golden red lightning. But now, this golden purple lightning didn’t seem as if it had come from Lin Ming.

The net of thunder in the skies became increasingly dense, finally interweaving into a blanket without a single gap. It covered the entire dimensional realm, making it appear even brighter than daytime. Most people had difficulty simply opening their eyes.

And at this time, from the far north of the dimensional realm, a blazing beam of light shot over. This purple gold beam of light was like a falling galaxy!

Massive amounts of lightning light gathered together, forming a horrifying and tyrannical vicious beast. It stepped on a path of purple light that spread out beneath it, dashing over from the far horizon.

Its baleful glare locked onto Lin Ming’s position, its eyes filled with a frenzied rage.

This vicious beast of thunder was the Purple Lion Thunder Source that had come from the Nine Heavens Thunder Dominion above the 8000 Mile Black Swamp. It had felt its life’s Twinlife Thunder Crystal suddenly shatter, and it felt a deep pain in its heart. It had rushed out from the Sea of Miracles, wanting to rip Lin Ming to pieces to give vent to this fiery anger.

“What is that!?”

“It’s a lion! A purple lion!”

“A manifestation of thunder… is that a Thunder Soul!?”

“Heavens! Such a powerful energy, it must be at least a heaven-step Thunder Soul! It was attracted by the thunder here!”

Several high stage thunder-attribute Life Destruction martial artists revealed expressions of naked desire. Such an imposing aura, such majestic power, this was undoubtedly a heaven-step Thunder Soul. It might even be a medium-grade heaven-step or high-grade heaven-step Thunder Soul!

Within the Sky Spill Continent, no one knew of the existence of a Thunder Source. Even a low-grade heaven-step Thunder Soul was rarely seen once in a lifetime, so how could these martial artists possibly determine the level of this Thunder Source?

“This Thunder Soul came from the north so it has nothing to do with Lin Lanjian. It must have come here for the vast power of thunder!” A thunder-attribute old man said.

This was a masterless treasure, and also priceless!

To a thunder-attribute martial artist, the value of a low-grade heaven-step Thunder Soul was equal to a high-grade heaven-step treasure; it was even slightly comparable to a quasi-Saint artifact.

“What an amazing thing! This is truly a marvelous accidental harvest!”

“Let’s work together! We can catch it!”

A heaven-step Thunder Soul was already powerful, much less they didn’t know what rank this supposed heaven-step Thunder Soul in front of them was. Even though the present thunder-attribute martial artists had already reached high stages of Life Destruction, and two of them were ranked highly on the Destiny Decree, none of them dared to rashly do anything.

Now was not the time to consider how to split this Thunder Soul – they first had to capture it.

“Let’s attack together!”

A purple-clothed old man took the lead. He shouted out loud, his eyes filling with excitement!

He was the 250 ranked master of the Destiny Decree. Currently, he only had a high-grade earth-step Thunder Soul. If he could obtain this heaven-step Thunder Soul then his strength would inevitably rise to another level!

Five thunder-attribute martial artists displayed their supernatural abilities. Of them, the weakest was at the fourth stage of Life Destruction. Anyone at a lower boundary didn’t help, because anything they tried would be useless anyway. It was impossible for them to subdue a heaven-step Thunder Soul; this level of power was not something they could encroach upon.

The purple-clothed old man rushed to the front. He held a mace in his hands and smashed down at the heaven-step Thunder Soul. If he faced this heaven-step Thunder Soul alone then he wouldn’t have much confidence in himself, but with four people behind him he had faith he could seal it with a single strike.

Bang bang bang!

The purple-clothed old man’s treasure mace shined with blue white lightning as he struck out with 100% of his strength.


The purple-clothed old man roared out and smashed his mace down at the Purple Lion Thunder Source’s head.


The Purple Lion Thunder Source released an earthshaking bellow. All of the surrounding Life Destruction martial artists felt themselves go deaf for a moment. Those with weaker cultivations even had their eardrums burst apart!

The purple-clothed old man bore the brunt of this shockwave. His body shook as the roar washed over him, causing him to bleed out from his head. The Purple Lion Thunder Source then formed a massive purple claw and swiped out at the purple-clothed old man. With a loud explosive sound, the purple-clothed old man was sent flying back like a ball!

As he flew backwards, the purple-clothed old man’s treasure armor was burnt by the power of thunder. His internal organs were completely shattered and he vomited a great mouthful of blood, his life quickly fading away.


The four other thunder-attribute martial artists instantly skidded to a halt. Luckily, they hadn’t yet approached and had escaped this attack. As they saw the fate that the strongest purple-clothed old man had suffered, all of them were frightened to the point their souls nearly left them. They turned around to flee, but it was already too late!

The Purple Lion Thunder Source was the very incarnation of thunder-attribute Laws; it was a proud and haughty existence! Because its Twinlife Thunder Crystal had been shattered, it had been sent into a raving anger. And now, how could it possibly tolerate a bunch of ants daring to provoke it!?

It erupted with a great roar and then rushed towards the four thunder-attribute martial artists. It was like a lion running into a flock of sheep. For a time, miserable cries filled the air and a rain of blood fell down from the skies!

In just a few blinks of the eye, four thunder-attribute martial artists were tossed away like broken sacks. One of their heads had exploded; he had obviously died. As for the other three, their bodies had been charred black, their lives soon coming to an end!

This sudden scene caused all of the surrounding martial artists to pale; just where had this thing come from!?

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