Chapter 838 – Silver Battle Spirit

Chapter 838 – Silver Battle Spirit

The transformation of the body continued for another hour. With a series of cracking sounds, the heaven-step Demon God Bone and the sea serpent crystal shattered into powder. All of the various energies twisted together, completely blowing up the tower that the seclusion chamber was located within!

Dust and smoke rose from all over. When the flying stones finally settled, Lin Ming’s seclusion chamber was completely revealed in plain sight of all the spectators, leaving behind only the Sky Lock Array around it.

The entire sky with filled with endless thunder. And within the array formation, everything had turned into a sea of brilliant gold.

All of the martial artists cast their eyes towards the Sky Lock Array. Most of them weren’t able to see through the blazing light within.

However, some martial artists with high cultivation were able to clearly see what was happening inside. All of them were left dumbfounded.

What was going on?

As these high cultivation martial artists’ faces twisted with strange expressions, the other martial artists impatiently asked them, “What is it?”

“Lin Lanjian… has disappeared!”

“What!?” This observation left all of the martial artists stricken, “He disappeared!?”

“There is nothing left behind. No bones, no blood fog, in that array formation there...

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