Chapter 837 – Golden Lighting Piercing the Sky

Chapter 837 – Golden Lighting Piercing the Sky

More people arrived throughout the day, none of them leaving. Underneath so many expectations, the pall of night finally fell…

The night was destined to no longer be calm. The atmosphere of the entire dimensional realm was extremely contained. All around the Elders Palace there were many heroes grouped, but very few of them were actually making a noise. One could even hear the gentle night wind whistling in the air.

The Elders Palace was still peaceful as before. Besides the occasional true essence vortex in the sky, there was no difference.

A metal spirit boat cut through the sky. On the side of this spirit boat was carved a long sword; this was the symbol of the Sublime Smelting Divine Kingdom.

A young man and woman in their twenties stood on the spirit boat, both of them looking down at the world with a extraordinary heroic spirit.

“That is the twin prince and princess of the Sublime Smelting Divine Kingdom, Ouye Qingfeng and Ouye Qingyun!”

“This is truly an event that has captivated the world. Ouye Qingfeng and Ouye Qingyun are both astounding characters in the Sublime Smelting Divine Kingdom. For just Lin Lanjian crossing Life Destruction, over 20 Princes have already arrived!”

Besides Yang Yun, who had arrived earlier, all of the other Princes had come at night,...

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